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I am a “true believer” in the potential and innate creativity of all people and the beauty that our individual and collective identities bring to the richness of our everyday experiences. This excites me and inspires me. My passion is to help reveal the inner beauty, strength, and intellectual capacity of URI students by partnering with you as you create your unique pathway through the intellectual and social experiences of college and beyond. I am especially devoted to “multi-decided” students, my quirky description of “undeclared” students, as I was once labeled “undeclared” and knew it didn’t describe who I was as an entering college student. I was, and have remained, “multi-decided.” It’s a wonderful place to be.

I am a native coastal Californian from the SF Bay Area. I ventured east to attend graduate school and my professional career has leaned east. I learned how to sail in college at Santa Cruz and have bare-boated across the globe. I was at URI before, and decided I wanted to come back. Rhode Island and URI are special places with special people. I want to learn about you. What you think. What inspires you. What challenges you. What troubles you. You are my primary focus here.