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Weekly Tutoring Groups

Weekly Tutoring Groups


Weekly Tutoring Groups began at the AEC in the Spring of 2017. It is directly connected to those courses which historically prove to be most challenging to undergraduates, including first year courses in STEM disciplines. Students meet together once per week and work with the help of a trained peer tutor to better understand what they are being taught, strengthen their problem solving skills, and learn effective ways of working with the material.

Weekly Tutoring Groups are available on multiple days and times throughout the week in efforts to be flexible and able to accommodate all students who are interested; if you are familiar with our previous Supplemental Instruction (SI) program, you will notice that Weekly Tutoring Groups offer an ease of scheduling that SI did not. It also allowed us to expand to offering support for over 30 challenging courses, rather than a dozen. In WTGs, the group size is also capped to enable the tutor to better attend to the group’s needs.

A commitment to regular attendance is a key characteristic of this program. With Weekly Tutoring Groups, students will be invited to join groups at the beginning of the semester, and available time slots will be scheduled on a first come, first served basis. Students who don’t join a group right away but would like to later in the semester will be able to join groups where space is available. A students who chooses to leave a group during the semester for any reason will be permitted to; there is no risk of over-commitment.

To learn more and sign up for a group, click here!                                                                                             

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