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Night Hike 

Explore our trails at night while learning about nocturnal animals and their adaptations. Concepts include nocturnal, diurnal, crepuscular, photoreceptors, and bioluminescence. Appropriate for grades 1-8. Night Hike may be scheduled as a half or full evening program.  After May 10, due to late sunsets evening hikes take place mainly in twilight conditions.

Goals and Objectives


Build community while singing, listening to stories, and watching skits around the campfire.  Concepts include community, old-fashioned entertainment, and fun. Appropriate for grades 1-8.

Goals and Objectives

Town Meeting 

Role-play the participants of a town meeting to explore and discuss environmental issues. Concepts include development, decision-making, and natural resources. Appropriate for grades 4-8.

Goals and Objectives

New Games 

Participate in fun cooperative, inclusive, outdoor games.  Concepts include fair play, cooperation, and safety. Appropriate for grades 1-8.

Goals and Objectives

Egg Drop

Work together to create a protective shell for an egg using natural materials.  Once completed, dropping them from various heights tests the constructions.  Concepts include teamwork and planning. Appropriate for grades 4-8.

Goals and Objectives

The Mysterious Thing

A hidden object can only be viewed by a few people.  Their job is to describe it through a line of communication to their team as they try to create an exact replica. Concepts include communication and teamwork. Appropriate for grades 4-8.

Goals and Objectives

Nature Quiz Show

Participate in a jeopardy like quiz show game to review and reinforce concepts learned during previous lessons. Appropriate for grades 4-8 on multiple day stay.

Goals and Objectives

Night Sky

Learn about stars, planets, moon phases and seasonal constellations.  Concepts include constellations, star myths, circumpolar and astronomy. Appropriate for grades 1-8.  Does not require a clear night.  

Goals and Objectives

Paper Bag Skits

Students are given several props and an environmental question which they use to create a skit and then perform in front of the other students. Concepts include myths, confidence, teamwork, and fun. Appropriate for grades 4-8. This program requires assistance from a visiting schoolteacher or parent for each field group.

Goals and Objectives


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