Academic Programs – Subcommittee Report

The Academic Subcommittee developed proposal guidelines and elicited input from the campus community through the AMRC website.  A variety of recommendations for academic restructurings were submitted to the website.  The subcommittee used the following criteria to determine if a recommendation merited further study:

  • Does the recommendation provide evidence of a specific opportunity or problem?
  • Does the recommendation provide evidence of the effectiveness of the solution?
  • Is the outcome of the recommendation measurable?
  • Is the recommendation consistent with the President’s charge to the AMRC?
  • Is the recommendation consistent with the President’s transformational goals and the URI Academic Plan?
  • Does the recommendation enhance synergies and/or add value to teaching, research, and/or outreach programs?
  • Does the recommendation reduce costs or increase efficiency?
  • Does the recommendation fill an unmet need or offer a new opportunity?

If the subcommittee believed the recommended redesign met the above criteria, then an exploratory committee composed of representatives of relevant stakeholder groups was established …

Read the full Academic Programs subcommittee report in the AMRC Final Detail Report and then let us know what you think.

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