AMRC FINAL Report – Overall Review

The University of Rhode Island must change to meet the challenges of the future.  Higher Education is increasingly competitive with enormous financial “war chests” in use across the globe, fighting for a shrinking population of students and research grants.  Rapidly changing technology, student needs and financial challenges require creativity and commitment to excellence.

The most critical factor for success is Leadership:

  • Strong, accessible leadership at all levels.
  • Leadership must engage with their staff, working directly with them: faculty, staff, students and alumni.
  • Leadership must be engaged in the “big” and “small” issues, always and unswervingly acting as a “Champion for Excellence”.
  • Leadership must focus the URI Community toward common goals, making it clear that no individual need is larger than the need of the University as a whole; that an individual need is in fact the University’s need.

Above all, leadership is responsible for building an enthusiastic, engaged community of honest, dedicated talent.

Read the full AMRC Final Detail Report and then let us know what you think.

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