Administration Management Review Committee Framework


The Administration Management Review Committee (AMRC) is approaching its charge as assigned by the President ( as follows:

  • Identify areas of focus and form sub-committees as needed.  The sub-committee Chairs will be members of the main AMR Committee but the sub-committee will include additional members of the campus community not serving on the AMRC.
  • Research and engage external sources when possible to assist in identifying approaches, areas of focus and project methodology.
  • Engage as many URI community members as possible through the following methods
    • Maintain an online presence ( posting information, news and updates and news accessible to anyone on the Internet.
    • Open web page idea submissions on the AMRC site as well as each of the individual sub-committee web sites.
    • Utilize online surveys to solicit feedback from campus members.
    • Conduct open meetings (“town hall”) at critical turning points in the process.
    • Using the URI Communications and Marketing email listserv, send email notices as needed
    • During the data gathering phase, the committee will include as much data as possible by:
      • Conducting personal interviews as much as possible of the URI leadership, representing all four campuses.
      • Benchmark URI data against peer and peer aspirant institutions
      • Collect data from online surveys, suggestion forms and open meetings.
      • The AMRC will develop its recommendations based on evidence developed during the data gathering phase.
      • The AMRC has excluded the following from its review:
        • The URI Foundation
        • Capital Projects
        • The AMRC recognizes limitations posed by time and resource constraints may require prioritization of review items in order to develop measurable recommendations.


The AMRC will make recommendations that will:

  • Add value to the academic and co-curricular experience of our students
  • Improve the performance of administration, management and business practices
  • Reduce costs
  • Create new opportunities for future growth and excellence for URI

Criteria for recommendations put forth by the AMRC

  1. Is the outcome of the recommendation measurable?
  2. Is the recommendation consistent with the President’s charge to the AMRC?
  3. Is the recommendation consistent with the President’s transformational goals and the URI Academic Plan?
  4. Does the recommendation improve the performance, effectiveness and efficiency of URI?
  5. Does the recommendation fill an unmet need or offer a new opportunity?