Statement from URI President David M. Dooley

To:                All Members of the URI Community
From:            David M Dooley, President
Date:             January 2, 2014

This collaborative self-assessment and the accompanying recommendations are critical to URI’s future direction. As a dynamic, complex organization we must leverage this report to advance the research and scholarship of our accomplished and dedicated faculty, building a foundation to engage our undergraduate and graduate students in the creative scholarship, research and discovery that will define their education and shape their future.

The focus of this exercise was to identify opportunities to reduce costs and improve performance across the University’s administrative, management, and business practices. The AMRC report is the culmination of nearly 15 months of thorough and intensive reviews, interviews, analyses, and discussions involving multiple URI stakeholders. This process was entirely self-managed by a group of committed and thoughtful University staff and faculty who dedicated countless hours to the effort.

While such initiatives are common practice in the private sector, they are not typically vetted publicly. As a public institution, however, we rely on an open and thoughtful dialogue to identify those opportunities that will best position the University for future success. I encourage members of the University community and other stakeholders to review and provide comments on the report. It is only with their participation that we will strengthen and add value to the innovative community that is URI.