General Education Assessment

The New General Education Program: Phase 1, Year 1 Summary Update

A new general education program was developed by the University College General Education Committee and approved by the Faculty Senate in spring 2013. Implementation of the new program began in fall 2016.

Phase I Assessment:  The new General Education program is designed around a core of 12 student learning outcomes with a phased plan for program-level assessment.  An overview of Phase I Assessment of General Education includes the goals, timeline, and expectations.

SLOAA collaborated with the Office of Faculty Development to support Phase 1 Assessment of the new General Education program by designing and delivering 19 Assessment Academies from Aug. 1, 2016 through May 20, 2017 and 9 data management “Data Tool Drop-in” sessions.


Instructor participation rates in Assessment Academies:

Fall 2016: 58/60 (Global Responsibilities, Information Literacy, Knowledge: Humanities)

Spring 2017: 43/60 (Civic Responsibilities, Communicate Effectively, Knowledge: Social Science)

Fall 2017: 42/60 (Diversity & Inclusion, Write Effectively, Knowledge: STEM)


They developed a process for data management and data mining to provide the Subcommittee for the Assessment of General Education (SAGE). SAGE’s summer committee analyzed the qualitative and quantitative data from multiple sources: the data tool, faculty reflection survey, homework and Academy feedback. The summary data will be made available to the instructor participants and synthesized into a formal report for the Director of the Office of General Education Innovation who works closely with SLOAA to track, fund, and recognize instructor participants.

Subcommittee for the Assessment of General Education (SAGE)

SAGE is an extension of the General Education Committee and was created to support the assessment process for the general education program.  SAGE collaborated on the development of Phase I assessment.

2016-2017 Meetings

  • October 17, 2016, 1-2pm, minutes
  • November 14, 2016, 1-2pm
  • December 13, 2016 1-2pm

2015-2016 Meetings

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