University Wide Assessment

University of Rhode Island Student Learning Outcomes

The University of Rhode Island expects that every academic program, as a consequence of the interaction between general education and a major, will lead the student to:

  • think critically in order to solve problems and question the nature and sources of authority;
  • use the methods and materials characteristic of each of the knowledge areas while understanding their interconnectedness;
  • commit to intellectual curiosity and lifelong learning;
  • maintain an openness to new ideas while utilizing the social skills necessary for both teamwork and leadership; and
  • think independently, be self-directed, and take initiative based on informed choices.


State policies matter to assessing student learning in higher education (9/27/10)

Connecting State Policies on Assessment with Institutional Assessment Activity, a new national report has identified Rhode Island, in addition to seven other states, as being “unusually active with respect to student outcomes assessment.”

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