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VALUE Rubrics (Valid Assessment of Learning in Undergraduate Education):

The VALUE Rubrics project is sponsored by the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U). Teams of higher education faculty and staff drafted institutional level rubrics for 15 of the AAC&U Essential Learning Outcomes (LEAP project) which, when achieved by a liberal education, prepares students for twenty-first-century challenges. The VALUE Rubrics reflect faculty expectations for essential learning across the nation regardless of type of institution, mission, size, or location, and contain the most commonly and broadly shared criteria or core characteristics considered critical for judging the quality of student work in that outcome area.

You can access the VALUE Rubrics through their webpage. When accessing these rubrics it is important to use proper citation and follow their use policy.


Rubric Resources Developed at URI:

Graduate Programs:


Assessment of Reflection Assignments:

Grading Rubric for Reflection Assignments (University of Minnesota Duluth)

Reflection Evaluation Criteria (rubric) (Central Piedmont Community College)

Self Reflection Rubric (Harvard Graduate School of Education)


Additional Resources:

Sample Quantitative Rubric Suggested by Peggy Maki

Sample Information Literacy Rubric Suggested by Peggy Maki

Psychology Critical Thinking Integration Rubric Washington State University

Critical Thinking Rubric Project Washington State University

Critical Thinking Rubric Project Resource Guide Washington State University

Psychology Research Proposal Rubric Washington State University

Critical Thinking Rubric Northeastern Illinois University

Additional Critical Thinking Rubric Links University of Northern Iowa

Rubric Bank University of Hawaii at Manoa

Sample Rubrics AALHE


Rubric Bibliography:

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