Steven Irvine


The Irvine Lab is focused on how the regulation of genes affects development and physiology. Recently we have begun to investigate how increases in ocean water temperature may be affecting reproduction through its effect on gene expression. We are also interested in how developmental genes regulate embryogenesis, and how gene regulation has evolved to generate new developmental patterns. Our main study organism is the sea squirt Ciona intestinalis, for which there is an abundance of resources for analyzing gene expression, development and physiology. For more information, visit the Irvine Lab website.


Ph. D. Evolutionary Biology, 1998, University of Chicago
M. Arch. (Architecture), 1983, Harvard University
B. S. Architectural Studies, 1979, University of Illinois

Selected Publications

  1. Irvine SQ (2019) Embryonic canalization and its limits – a view from temperature. In revision.
  2. Irvine SQ, McNulty KB, Siler EM, Jacobson RE (2019) High temperature limits on developmental canalization in the ascidian Ciona intestinalis. Mech. Dev., 157:10-21, 
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BIO 101, Principles of Biology I
BIO/GEO 272, Principles of Evolution
BIO 302, Animal Development
BIO/GEO 572, Advanced Evolutionary Biology