Lisa Tewksbury Biological Control Lab Director

Lisa Tewksbury coordinates research that is conducted in the bio-control lab, and is responsible for maintaining the quarantine facility. Current research projects include biological control of mile-a-minute, swallow-worts, knapweed, cypress spurge, purple loosestrife, lily leaf beetle, and phragmites. 

Alana Russell Biological Control Lab Manager

Alana assists in research conducted in the biocontrol lab. Current research projects include biological control of swallow-worts, lily leaf beetle, and phragmites. She also conducts research and outreach on early detection and management of spotted lanternfly and emerald ash borer.

Heather Faubert Plant Clinic Director

Heather Faubert is the director of the URI Plant Protection Clinic and coordinates an integrated pest management program for Rhode Island’s apple growers. She also has contributed to URI’s biocontrol program with projects such as cypress spurge and winter moth biocontrol.

Dr. Richard Casagrande Professor Emeritus

Dr. Casagrande is a Professor Emeritus of the Department of Plant Science and Entomology.  During his time at URI, he taught graduate-level courses in biological control and in integrated pest management, He served as IPM coordinator for Rhode Island, overseeing several programs, including ornamentals, fruits, and biological control. His research concentrated on classical biological control involving the full spectrum of activities from initial foreign exploration through the final evaluation of newly released agents. He worked with colleagues throughout the world on biological control of insect and weed problems that are important in Southern New England including the lily leaf beetle, birch leafminer, cypress spurge, purple loosestrife, and common reed.

Alexandra Johnson Graduate Student

Gillian Mitkowski Social media/website manager

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