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Working Paper Series

The College of Business Working Paper Series is intended to facilitate discussion and encourage the exchange of ideas.

2018 Series

  1. Semantic Discount Claims: Numeric Meaning and Influence on Consumer Purchase Decisions by Patricia A. Norberg, Albert J. Della Bitta, and Stephen A. Atlas.
  2. A Near Four-Decade Analysis of Equity Returns in the Japanese Financial Market by Jeffrey E. Jarrett and Yifei Li.
  3. Appearance and Performance Enhancing Drug Usage, Sexuality, and Psychological Well-Being in Men by Jessica Strubel and Trent A. Petrie.Earnings.
  4. Forecasts, Capital Budgeting and The Abandonment Option by Jeffrey E. Jarrett.
  5. China’s Model of Government Intervention in Stock Market by Minying Cheng, Ling Jin, Zhisheng Li, and Bingxuan Lin.
  6. Inequality and Mobilizing for Robust Action: An Analysis of City Resilience Strategies by W.E. Douglas Creed, Dennis Jancsary, Renate E. Meyer, and Markus A. Hollerer.
  7. Strategic Orientation and Innovation Funding: Who’s Exploring and Who’s Exploiting? by Nancy Forster-Holt.
  8. An Application of Exploratory Data Analysis in Healthcare Fraud Detection by Qi Liu and Miklos Vasarhelyi.
  9. Does Greater Return Synchronicity Mean Less Firm-Specific Information? Evidence from InsiderTrading by Claire Y.C. Liang, Zhenyang (David) Tang, and Xiaowei Xu.
  10. The Impact of Moral Philosophy and Moral Intensity on Green Fashion Purchase Behavior by Heesook Hong and Ji Hye Kang.
  11. Application Developers’ Project Offering Strategies in Multi-Platform Markets by Yuwen Chen, John Ni, and Degan Yu.
  12. Product Positioning and Pricing Decisions in a Two-Attribute Disruptive New Market by Yuwen Chen, John Ni, and Ruby Dholakia.
  13. Common Unobserved Determinants of Intraday Electricity Prices by Nikolaos S.Thomaidis, Gordon H. Dash, and Nina Kajiji.
  14. On The Post-IPO Performance in China by Zhang Hanbing, Jeffrey E. Jarrett, and Xia Pan.


2017 Series

  1. Financial Confidence, Credit Card Use and Financial Satisfaction by Stephen A. Atlas, Jialing Lu, and Nilton Porto.
  2. The Competitive Factors of Global Ports in the OBOR: Implications for Theory and Practice by Douglas N. Hales, Sui Lee Lam, and Young-Tae Chang.
  3. Like/Learn Graphs for Continuous Improvement: A Case Study of Accounting Students’ Skills, Liking Classroom Activities, and Perceived Learning by Judy K. Beckman and Douglas Hales.
  4. Inhabited Ecosystems and Ripples of Change: Understanding Transformation beyond Diffusion by Rich Dejordy, Douglas Creed, Maureen Scully and Marc Ventresca.
  5. Institutional Aesthetics: Creativity, Subjectification and Connection by Steve Taylor, Douglas Creed and Bryant Hudson.
  6. Interpreting Ideograms into Classroom: A Game-Designed Operations and Supply Chain Management Course by Hee Yoon Kwon and Koray Özpolat.

2015-2016 Series

  1. Near High Frequency Production Economics for Global Wealth Creation: Automated Trading, Neuroeconomics and Trading Fundamentals by Gordon H. Dash and Nina Kajiji.
  2. The Dark Side of Customer Rapport with Frontline Employees: Heightened Customer Territorial Responses by Christy Ashley
  3. Backtesting and Estimation Error: Value-at-Risk Overviolation Rate by George Tsafack and James Cataldo
  4. Results of the AAA/KPMG Survey on Implementation of IFRS and Data Analytics into the U.S. Accounting Curricula by Judy K. Beckman, Mary Michel, Paul Munter, and Elizabeth Venuti
  5. FASB and IASB Diverging Perspectives On Proposed Lessee Accounting: Implications for International Managerial Decision-Making by Judy K. Beckman
  6. Internet Banking and E-Commerce: A Consumer Perspective by Jeffrey E. Jarrett, Ph.D.
  7. Analyzing Data utilized in Process Control and Continuous Improvement by Jeffrey E.Jarrett, Ph.D.
  8. On Improving Decision Analytics in Health Care Management: An Editorial by Jeffrey E. Jarrett, Ph.D.
  9. Creating High Reliability Organizations Using Mindfulness by Douglas Hales
  10. Failure Severity and Locus of Causality Effects on Brand Evaluations by Sujin Song, Daniel Sheinin and Sukki Yoon.

2015 Series

  1. Improving Labor Relations Performance Using a Simplified Drum Buffer Rope Technique by Douglas N. Hales and Satya S. Chakravorty.
  2. Evaluating Logistics Oriented Development Level Based on Principal Component Analysis and Cluster Analysis: A Case of Guandong Province by Xia Pan and Jeffrey Jarrett.

2014 Series

  1. Being fit; lacking fit. Challenges to the Speciation of Social Business Hybrids by Silvia Dorado and Francoise Carre
  2. Controlling Quality in the Provision of Health and Medical Care by Jeffrey E. Jarrett
  3. Swimming in a Sea of Shame: Incorporating Emotion Into Explanations of Institutional Reproduction and Change  by W. E. Douglas Creed, Bryant Ashley Hudson, Gerardo A. Okhuysen, and Kristen Smith-Crowe
  4. Engaging Donors in Smart Compassion: USAID’s Greatest Good Donation Calculator by Koray Ozpolat, Juanita Rilling, Nezih Altay, and Eric Chavez
  5. Liquidity Premium in the Eye of the Beholder: An Analysis of the Clientele Effect in the Corporate Bond Market by Jing-Zhi Huang, Zhenzhen Sun, Tong Yao, and Tong Yu
  6. The Effects of Changing Attribute Composition on Judgments about Multifunctional Products by Timucin Ozcan and Daniel A. Sheinin
  7. Is Freight Rate Relevant to Port Volume Forecasting? Evidence from the Guangzhou, China Port by Huanxin Zhang, Xia Pan, and Jeffrey E. Jarrett
  8. The Impact of “Low-Carbon” Economy to Corporate Financial Performance by Juan Yu, Xia Pan, and Jeffrey E. Jarrett
  9. The Multivariate EWMA Model and Monitoring Bio Surveillance by Xia Pan and Jeffrey E. Jarrett
  10. Scholarly Research in Marketing: Trends and Challenges in the Era of Big Data by Ruby Roy Dholakia and  Nikhilesh Dholakia.
  11. Food Aid Response in Governmental Agencies: Donor Country versus Recipient Country Approaches by Koray Özpolat, Dina Ribbink, Douglas N. Hales, and Robert J. Windle
  12. A Dark Side of Long-Term VMI Relationships: Supply Chain Trust by Koray Özpolat, Martin Dresner, and Yuliang “Oliver” Yao
  13. Social Marketing and Family Planning by Ruby Roy Dholakia and  Nikhilesh Dholakia.
  14. Push or Pull? Design of Content Delivery Systems by Hong Guo, Sean Marston, and Yuwen Chen.
  15. Product Redesign Decisions: Adding Hedonic, Utilitarian or Both Features? by Yuwen Chen and Ruby R. Dholakia.

2013 Series

The Working Paper Series is intended to facilitate discussion and encourage the exchange of ideas.

  1. Computational Practice: Multivariate Parametric or Nonparametric Modelling of European Bond Volatility Spillover? by Nina Kajiji and Gordon H. Dash, Jr.
  2. Price Discount Perception: Consumers’ Numeric Interpretation of Semantic Price ClaimsPrice Discount Perception: Consumers’ Numeric Interpretation of Semantic Price Claims by Patricia A. Norberg and Albert J. Della Bitta
  3. Creating High-Reliability Organizations: Merging Theory and Practices by Douglas N. Hales
  4. Bubbles: Towards a Typology by Nikhilesh Dholakia and Romeo V. Turcan
  5. Business Strategy, Cloud Computing, and Supply Chain Management: A Synthesis of Resource-Based View and Social Capital Theory by Qing Cao, Dara G. Schniederjans, Jason Triche, and Marc J. Schniederjans
  6. Cloud Computing and Its Impact on Fill Rate: A Multi-Agent Simulation Model by Yang Yu, Dara Schniederjans, and Qing Cao
  7. Enhancing Financial Performance with Social Media: An Impression Management Perspective by Dara Schniederjans, Edita S. Cao, and Marc Schniederjans
  8. Willingness to Pay for Wind-Generated Energy: The Impact of Ethical Evaluation and Attitude by Bradley Ewing, Dara Schniederjans, and Chris Starkey
  9. The Impact of Cloud Computing on Supply Chain Performance by Yang Yu, Dara Schniederjans, and Qing Cao
  10. Perspectives on the Quality Movement in Public Health by Jeffrey E. Jarrett
  11. On Quality Control Chart Construction and Simulation by Xia Pan and Jeffrey E. Jarrett
  12. The Quality Movement in The Supply Chian Environment by Jeffrey E. Jarrett
  13. When Mean and Variability Control Charts Yield Differing Signals, Is There a Solution?by Xia Pan and Jeffrey E. Jarrett
  14. Redesigning the Upstream Emergency Relief Supply Chain: An Empirical Assessment by Koray Özpolat
  15. Attention in Options by Yan Xu, Shu Yan, and Yuzhao Zhang
  16. On Multiobjective Combinatorial Optimization and Dynamic Interim Hedging of Efficient Portfolios by Gordon H. Dash, Jr. and Nina Kajiji

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