Africana Studies

Faculty: Professor Quainoo, director. Professors Dilworth and Gititi; Associate Professors Ferguson, Harris, McCray, Quainoo, and Widell; Assistant Professor Nevius and Haile; Adjunct Faculty Barber, Holder, Jones, O’Connor, J. Quainoo, and Smith; Professor Emeriti Gilton and Hamilton.

The Africana Studies program is an interdisciplinary program. Students may choose to study abroad in affiliated programs in the following countries: Belize, Cape Verde, and Ghana. Programs related to the African diaspora may also qualify for AAF credit. The major’s objective is to broaden students’ intellectual and global experiences through the study of Africa and African diaspora.

Students selecting this major must complete a minimum of 30 credits including AAF 201 and 202. Six credits must be selected from each of the following areas: history and politics (AAF 290, 300; AAF/HIS 150, 359, 388; AAF/PSC 380, 408, 410, 415, 466; PSC 372; WMS 351); arts and humanities (AAF/ART 330, 331; AAF/ENG 247, 248, 360, 362, 363, 364, 474); and social and behavioral science (AAF 300; AAF/COM 333; COM 310A, 465). The remaining 6 credits must be chosen from courses approved for the above groups.

A total of 120 credits is required for graduation. At least 42 of these must be in courses numbered 300 or above. A minor is also available (see Africana Studies) in Interdepartmental Minors.