Aquaculture and Fishery Technology

This major, offered by the Department of Fisheries, Animal and Veterinary Science (AFS), prepares students for professional or technical careers in aquaculture or fisheries-oriented occupations. It is sufficiently broad to allow for specialization in either fisheries or aquaculture science and technology. Students who demonstrate superior ability in the basic sciences and wish to continue their professional training can select a course curriculum that will both prepare them for graduate school and provide a broad overview in fisheries and aquaculture science and technology.

The major requires a minimum of ten credits in introductory professional courses including NRS 100, AFS 105G/106, EEC 105, BIO 101/103, BIO 102/104, CHM 101/102, CHM 112/114 or CHM 124/126, MTH 111 or MTH 131; and nine to twelve additional credits in basic science selected from an approved course list in the departments of BIO, CHM, CSC, STA, MTH and PHY. In addition, the major requires 24 credits in concentration courses at the 300 level or above, and 18 credits of the concentration courses must be selected from courses offered by AFS. The additional six credits may be selected from courses offered in BIO, AFS, AVS, NRS, MAF, EEC; and by the Graduate School of Oceanography. Finally, the program requires 30-36 credits of supporting electives selected from an approved list of courses in the departments of BIO, AFS, AVS, MAF, EEC, NRS; and the Graduate School of Oceanography. A total of 130 credits is required for graduation.