Community Planning

In addition to fulfilling all the basic requirements for a minor (see Minor Fields of Study), students declaring a minor in community planning must complete the requirements:

The minor in community planning is for those students in all fields who wish to expand their knowledge of the processes of community planning and development while completing their education at URI. The minor is designed to encourage or improve the student’s professional knowledge of community planning and development issues. The minor requires a total of 18 credits. Nine of the 18 credits are the required courses and the remaining are elective courses.

CPL 410 is the required introductory core course for the minor. In addition, each student is required to complete six credits from the following list: CPL 391, 434, 450, 485, and 538. A maximum of 3 credits of CPL 391 can be applied toward the required courses of the minor. Alternatively, three credits of CPL 391 can be applied toward the elective courses in the minor.

Successful completion of nine credits of elective courses from the following list is required in consultation with the community planning minor advisor, Professor Farhad Atash: AAF/PSC 410, 466; CPL/GEG 202; CPL 391, 392, 397; CVE 346; ECN 402; GEG 101, 104, 200, 202; HDF 418, 424, 434, 440; LAR 201, 202; MAF 465, 475, 484; NRS 300, 415, 450; PHL 318; PSC 221, 402; and SOC 214, 240. These elective courses cannot be simultaneously counted toward a major.

The Department of Landscape Architecture in the College of Arts and Sciences administers this minor. Interested students should contact Professor Farhad Atash in the West Tower Office of Rodman Hall (third floor), 401.874.2982 or