Freshman Admission Requirements

Admission to the University of Rhode Island is competitive. Each applicant is given individual consideration. In the evaluation process we consider the rigor of the high school curriculum, academic performance, standardized test scores, extracurricular activities, employment, leadership, community service, and unique talents. The students offered admission for the fall of 2017 had an average GPA of 3.53/4.00, with an average SAT Math & Reading/Writing combined score of 1182/1600; and an average ACT composite score of 25.

A minimum of 18 Carnegie units of college preparatory classes in high school are required as follows: 4 in English; 3 in mathematics including Algebra I, Algebra 2, and geometry; 2 in a physical or natural science including at least one laboratory science; 2 in history or social science; 2 in the same foreign language; and 5 additional college preparatory units to total 18. All students are encouraged to select their additional units from areas including English, foreign languages, mathematics, social sciences, or laboratory sciences. The strongest applicants take the most rigorous secondary school curricula available to them. See for more specific information.

Certain programs at URI are highly selective due to limited enrollment capacity. The following are additional requirements related to specific colleges and majors:

• We recommend that applicants to Engineering, Business, Chemistry, Computer Science, Physics, and Pharmacy complete 4 units of mathematics (including precalculus or trigonometry).
• Engineering applicants must complete 4 units of mathematics (including precalculus or calculus), 3 units of physical science classes with laboratories (including 1 unit of physics, 2 other physical sciences, and chemistry is recommended).
• Nursing, Pharmacy, and Engineering applicants who submit complete applications by the December 1 Early Action deadline will be given preference for admission.
• Applicants to all music programs must audition and should contact the Department of Music at 401.874.2431 for audition dates and requirements.

Applications are not reviewed until all required materials are received by the Office of Admission. These materials include:

• A completed Common Application
• Application fee of $65
• Official high school transcript (sent by the school)
• List of senior courses (admission is contingent upon successful completion of all senior course work and graduation from high school)
• Official SAT or ACT scores (MUST be sent electronically by the testing services: the URI ID code is 3919 for SAT and 3818 for ACT)
• Essay (pharmacy applicants must include an additional statement explaining their choice of major)
• At least one letter of recommendation (please limit to two); pharmacy applicants are required to provide two letters of recommendation

The Common Application sends an email confirming that a student’s application has been submitted to the University of Rhode Island. URI then sends a letter acknowledging receipt of the application with instructions on how applicants must check the status of their application online (e-Campus). It is recommended that applicants check their status regularly to see whether any additional materials are requested, such as mid-year grades.

Standardized Tests. All domestic candidates for freshman admission must take the SAT or ACT. Applicants who have been away from formal studies for three or more years should contact the Admission Office about entrance requirements or refer to “Feinstein Providence Campus” in the “Undergraduate Admission” section of this catalog.

Applicants are encouraged to take the SAT or ACT as early as possible in their senior year; taking the test after January reduces the likelihood of a timely decision. Students are required to have their test scores submitted electronically to the University by the testing services. Full information concerning these tests may be obtained from local high schools and is available online at or

Application Procedures. Students should discuss their plans for study at the University with their school counselors as early as possible to establish realistic goals and program selections. The University is a member of the Common Application group. URI admission counselors will be glad to answer applicants’ questions. Requests for information should be sent to Applicants may also call 401.874.7100, or visit the Admission website at

Students may enroll at the beginning of the fall semester in September and at the beginning of the spring semester in January. Not all programs enroll new students in January. High school seniors are urged to submit applications, including first quarter grades (when they become available), early in the academic year. Early Action applicants will receive a decision by the end of January. All other applicants will hear by March 31. The deadline for submitting fall term freshman applications is February 1. The deadline for spring January term applications is November 1. Enrollment and housing deposits are due by May 1.

Early Action and Merit Scholarships. All applicants are considered for these scholarships by submitting a complete application for admission. There is no separate scholarship application. To be considered for the full range of scholarships, we recommend that you apply by the December 1 Early Action deadline. These scholarships are awarded to U.S. residents and international students. Minimum requirements for scholarship consideration are:

• A challenging curriculum
• GPA of 3.20/4.00
• Combined SAT score (reading/writing and math) of 1130 or ACT of 23
• Involvement in school and/or community

Satisfaction of the minimum criteria listed here does not guarantee a scholarship; the overall applicant pool determines the degree of competition for these awards.

Most Early Action applicants receive their admission decision by the end of January. Early Action is non-binding. Merit scholarships are four-year awards (they are six-year awards for those in the Pharm.D. program), renewable each semester as long as students maintain continuous full-time enrollment (12 credits per semester) and a minimum GPA of 2.80. If a scholarship recipient’s tuition classification (in-state/out-of-state/regional) changes, the award amount will also change to reflect the amount for the new tuition category.

The latest date that applicants can take the SAT and meet the December 1 Early Action deadline is the November test date, and the October test is the latest date for the ACT. URI will always consider the applicant’s highest score on each section of the SAT (to give the student the highest combined total). Scores from later test dates will not be considered for scholarship purposes.

Early Enrollment/Early Admission. Students who have completed their junior year of high school with superior records may be eligible for early admission.

Early admission students must have completed (by the end of the junior year) three years of English, three of mathematics (Algebra 1 and 2 and geometry), two of the same foreign language, two to three of social studies or history, and two of natural or physical science with at least one laboratory science. Students must have the endorsement of their high school counselor or principal. High school administrators must be willing to accept credits earned during the first year at URI toward remaining high school graduation requirements. Those interested should plan with their high school counselor early in their junior year, and direct further inquiries to the Office of Admission. An interview may be required. Please note: Early admission is not a dual enrollment program; these students are no longer enrolled at their high school and are fully matriculated at the University.

Early admission candidates should apply by the December 1 Early Action Deadline. These applicants may be considered for merit scholarships. Because early admission candidates have not yet graduated from high school, they are not eligible for need-based aid. After receiving their high school diploma, they may apply for financial aid.

A part-time study program (dual enrollment) may be arranged for students wishing to begin college study in their senior year while continuing their high school work. Students may register for appropriate classes through the Office of Enrollment Services.

Advanced Placement. Advanced standing for freshmen is granted to students who have completed college-level courses in a high school participating in the Advanced Placement Program and who have passed (with a score of 3 or better on most examinations) the CEEB Advanced Placement Examination. For more information about Advanced Placement credit, please refer to URI’s website at

International Baccalaureate Degree Program. URI awards credit for most higher level examinations taken in high school and passed with a score of 5, 6, or 7. Course credit is awarded at the discretion of individual departments. No credit is awarded for standard level examinations. Refer to URI’s website at

GCE, Advanced Levels (A-levels). URI awards credit to enrolled students who have obtained a grade of A, B, or C on specified A-level exams. Students who have taken A-level exams in unspecified subject areas may submit their transcripts to the Transfer Resource Center for determination of specific transfer credit.