Grades and Points. Student grades are reported as A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, and F. The unqualified letter grades represent the following standing: A, superior; B, good; C, fair; D, low grade, passing; F, failure; S, satisfactory; U, unsatisfactory; NW, enrolled—no work submitted.

Grades are given grade point values as follows: A, 4.00 points; A-, 3.70 points; B+, 3.30 points; B, 3.00 points; B-, 2.70 points; C+, 2.30 points; C, 2.00 points; C-, 1.70 points; D+, 1.30 points; D, 1.00 points; F and U, 0 points. P, S, and NW are not calculated in the grade point average.

Final grade reports are made available to all students via the e-Campus system. Midsemester grade reports are made available to all freshmen via the e-Campus system at the midpoint of each semester. These midterm reports are intended to alert freshmen to their academic status and to aid in advising. Midterm grades are not recorded on permanent academic records, nor are they figured into grade point averages.

A grade may be reported as “incomplete” only when course work has been passing but not completed due to illness or another reason that in the opinion of the instructor justifies the report of incomplete. Undergraduate students must make arrangements with the instructor to remove the incomplete by the following midsemester. Incomplete grades not removed from an undergraduate student’s record by the end of two years will remain on the student’s permanent record.

Students are required to make up failures in required courses. The course should be repeated when next offered. No limit is placed on the number of times a course may be repeated, but the credit requirement for graduation is increased by the number of credits repeated. Students are not required to make up failures in elective courses.

Certain courses do not lend themselves to precise grading, and for these courses only S (satisfactory) or U (unsatisfactory) will be given to all students enrolled. S/U courses are labeled as such in the course descriptions in this catalog. S/U courses are not counted as courses taken under the Pass-Fail option.

Pass-Fail Grading Option. This plan encourages undergraduate matriculated students to increase their intellectual breadth and discover aptitudes in new areas of knowledge. A matriculated undergraduate student above the freshman level who is not on probation may register under this plan for courses considered to be free, unattached electives by the college in which he or she is enrolled. Courses designated in the student’s curriculum as degree requirements, general education requirements, and military science courses may not be included. Nonmatriculating students are not eligible for the pass-fail grading option.

A student choosing to take a course under this plan must notify his or her advisor, academic dean, and the Office of Registration and Records, in writing, prior to the end of the add period of each semester. The instructor is not informed.

Grades will be P (pass) or F (fail). The P grade is credited toward degree requirements but not included in the grade point average. The F grade is calculated in the same manner as any other failure. A student may change from the P-F option to grade by notifying Registration and Records in writing before mid-semester.

A student may elect no more than three P-F courses a semester and no more than two P-F courses during a summer.

Second Grade Option. Undergraduate students may exercise a second grade option by repeating a course in which the student earned a C- or lower. Only courses that fall within the student’s first 30 attempted credits taken at the University may be selected for this option. Students must exercise this option no later than the next two semesters for which the student registers after completing 30 credits. Transfer students may exercise the second grade option for courses taken during their initial semester at the University. This option must be exercised during the next two semesters for which they register after their initial semester. Only the grade earned when the course was repeated will be used in the calculation of a student’s grade point average, and only the credits earned for the repeated course will apply toward the graduation requirements. All grades earned for a given course shall remain on a student’s permanent academic record. Please note that all grades earned while attending the university shall be used in the calculation of Graduation with Distinction, this includes any courses utilizing the Second Grade Option. To take advantage of this option, students must obtain approval from their academic deans and submit the appropriate form to Enrollment Services prior to midterm of the semester in which the course is being repeated. The second grade option may be used only once per course.