Community Planning

The URI Graduate Certificate in Community Planning provides students advanced instruction and training in community planning and development to address contemporary planning challenges at different geographical levels in the United States.

Admission Requirements: To apply you will need to provide: (1) college transcripts certifying successful completion of bachelor’s degree, (2) two letters of recommendation from peers, mentors, or colleagues attesting to your ability to complete graduate-level coursework, and (3) a personal written statement explaining why you are seeking a graduate certificate in Community Planning.  GRE’s are not required.  Applications for Fall semester admission should be completed by 15 July and application for Spring semester admission should be completed by 15 November.

Program Requirements: 15 or 16 credits of graduate coursework that consists of CPL 410 (or 501) as well as 6 credits from the following core courses: CPL 434 (or 539), CPL 450, CPL 483, CPL 485, CPL/MAF 516, PSC 505.  The remaining 6 or 7 credits are taken from the following courses: CPL 538, CPL 549, LAR 444, LAR 445, MAF 465, MAF 475, MAF 564, PSC 524.