Leave of Absence

Undergraduate Students: Leave of Absence

If you need to take a semester or two off because of personal or family circumstances, or simply need a break, taking a leave of absence might be wise. If you take an approved leave of absence for up to two semesters, you can still maintain your student status, and register for the semester in which you plan to return without applying for readmission. Approved Leave of Absence status does not defer student loans that require course enrollment. Taking a Leave of Absence may put you into repayment for student loans, it is the students responsibility to consult their student loan holder for specific details regarding enrollment requirements and repayment schedules.

Undergraduate students who wish to take a leave of absence from an academic program must do so through their academic dean’s office. All requests for Leave of Absence require Dean’s Office approval.

Download the Leave of Absence form

Deans’ Offices may be contacted by phone at:

University College for Academic Success 401.874.2993
College of Arts & Sciences 401.874.2566
College of Business 401.874.2337
Alan Shawn Feinstein College of Education and Professional Studies 401.277.5039
College of Engineering 401.874.5985
College of Environment & Life Sciences 401.874.5026
College of Health Sciences 401.874.2125
College of Nursing 401.874.2766
College of Pharmacy 401.874.5842

If the Leave of Absence process is completed satisfactorily and approved by your Dean’s Office, and the you have cleared all financial obligations to the University, the effective date of Leave of Absence will be noted on your permanent academic record. The effective date is the date used for calculating billing or refunds. No grades for the current semester will be recorded. See additional information regarding billing adjustments and refunds

Graduate Students: Leave of Absence and Withdrawals

All graduate students who wish to take a leave of absence or officially withdraw from a graduate program and the University must do so through the Graduate School.

Questions should be directed to the Graduate School in Quinn Hall or to 401.874.2262