Military Science and Leadership (Army ROTC)

The Department of Military Science and Leadership (Army ROTC) is recognized as one of the best leadership programs in the country and is part of the University of Rhode Island curriculum. During classes and field training, students learn first-hand what it takes to lead others and motivate groups, as well as how to organize information to create executable tasks for others to follow. The experience is similar to being a vital manager in a corporation. Students learn to achieve success as team members or leaders in various situations.

Students may participate in the basic program (MSL 101, 102, 201, and 202) without obligation to the United States Army.

Students desiring a minor in Military Science and Leadership may request approval from the dean of the College of Arts and Sciences upon beginning the program. Completion of 18 credits of MSL course work is required to complete the minor.

Contracted cadets receive a monthly allowance ranging from $300 for freshmen to $500 for seniors.

Faculty: Professor Loftus (LTC, U.S. Army), chairperson. Assistant Professors MAJ Couturier (co-chairperson), SFC Wade, CPT Williams.