Faculty: Professor Hedderich, Chair; Professor White, Director of Graduate Studies. Professors de los Heros, Morin, and Trubiano; Associate Professor Echevarria; Professor Emeritus Gitlitz.


The Master of Arts in Spanish helps students advance to a professional level in the general area of Hispanic studies, including Spanish language mastery, and an understanding of Hispanic linguistics and literature as an expression of civilization and culture. The curriculum includes linguistics as well as the literary production of Spain, Spanish America, and the Spanish-speaking peoples of the United States, any of which could provide a field for specialization.

Master of Arts

Admission requirements: undergraduate major in Spanish or equivalent, including 12 credits in Spanish or Hispanic-American literature, linguistics, and/or pedagogy. Promising applicants with fewer than 12 credits in these areas may be asked to make them up without graduate credit.

Program requirements (30 credits): Successful completion of ten courses (30 credits) as stipulated in an approved Program of Study, including Spanish 510, as well as the written and oral components of the M.A. Comprehensive Examinations. Thesis option may include up to six research credits in the total 30 credits. Two-semester Spanish language teaching requirement in the Department of Languages at the University of Rhode Island. Teaching requirement may be waived at the discretion of the Spanish section.