Faculty: Professor Peckham, chair. Associate Professor Gonzales, section head. Assistant Professors Katenka and Puggioni; Adjunct Professors Kajiji and Ordonez; Professors Emeriti Hanumara and Heltshe.


Experimental design, sampling, ecological statistics and biostatistics, statistical computation, simulation, multivariate analysis, nonparametric methods, classification and discrimination, analysis of variance, bootstrap and jackknife estimation, sequential methods, spatial statistics.

Master of Science

Admission requirements: bachelor’s degree including the equivalent of MTH 141, 142; MTH 243; MTH 215; CSC 201; STA 409, 412. GRE; advanced test in mathematics or undergraduate field is desirable.

Programs of study can be designed for individuals who are employed full-time.

Thesis option program requirements: a minimum of 24 credits (exclusive of thesis) including MTH 451, 452, either STA 501 or 502, and at least nine additional credits selected from STA 501, 502, 520, 535, 541, 542, 550, 592, 611.

Nonthesis option program requirements: 33 credits distributed as follows: 1) MTH 451, 452, and either STA 501 or 502; 2) at least nine credits selected from STA 501, 502, 520, 535, 541, 542, 550, 592, 611; 3) at least six of the remaining credits must be at the 500 level or above (exclusive of STA 591); 4) the above course work must include at least one course that requires a substantial paper involving significant independent study; and 5) written comprehensive examination.