Ph.D. Qualifying Exam CMB specialization [ biological and environmental sciences ph.d. ]

Ph.D. Qualifying Exam for students in the CMB specialization within the BES program

The exam format is an oral defense of your thesis proposal with your Ph.D. committee. 

  • The oral defense of this proposal will need to take place before the last day of classes of the spring semester of year 2 for those w/o a master’s degree.
  • Students should distribute their thesis proposal to their committee 2 weeks prior to the scheduled date of the oral exam. 
  • Students should expect committee members to ask questions about their proposed research and questions related to relevant background. 
  • Students are free to discuss the written proposal with their major professor and their committee in advance of the exam so expectations for the oral portion are clear.
  • A student who fails the examination may be permitted one re-examination if re-examination is recommended by the examiners and approved by the Dean of the Graduate School. The second examination may be taken only after an interval of ten weeks has passed, but within one year from the initial examination. The results should be examined by the student’s committee to determine if the student is qualified to continue in the doctoral program.
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