The Marine Affairs Computer Laboratory and Library

The Marine Affairs Computer Laboratory

The department has a computer laboratory available for use by its graduate students. There are numerous computers with ethernet connections and a variety of software to be used for class assignments and research. While virus protection is provided on the machines, students are asked to be careful about what they download and to ensure that the disks they use are clean. Food and drinks should not be brought into this room and the laboratory is to be a quiet working space for the many students who will use it.

The Marine Affairs Library

The department has a small library that is available for student use. The library has a collection of journals, magazines, and newsletters which will allow the student to keep up to date with developments in the field. Reserve readings for graduate courses are also kept in this library as are notices of employment opportunities. Food and drinks are allowed here but students are asked to clean up after themselves and help us avoid a situation of “the tragedy of the commons.” The Department does not have the services of a librarian; accordingly, your assistance and integrity are absolutely essential to the maintenance of this collection. We want to insure the greatest degree of availability of material for all our students. The library is for your use but please note the following simple rules: — periodicals and reserved readings are to be taken out only for photocopying and for no longer than one hour; when taken out they must be signed out by you. – after using library materials please return them to the proper shelf; do not leave them on the library table. — if you are making a copy of a job announcement, please replace the announcement afterward.