Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Undergraduate Program

The Major


Seychelles_trap_fishermanStudents completing this interdisciplinary program will graduate with the skills and knowledge needed to contribute to the sustainable development, production, harvesting, management, and utilization of terrestrial and aquatic microorganisms, plants and animals by society worldwide.  The major will allow participants to explore the food chain, from farm to plate to waste and back, emphasizing sustainability, impacts on human health, and resilience from economic, environmental, and societal viewpoints.  Core values of this interdisciplinary program that distinguish it from more traditional agriculture programs include an emphasis on the intrinsic value of heterogeneous scales of production (from small farms that sell directly to consumers to large scale producers), preserving local food cultures and biodiversity while understanding the way other cultures produce and use food (from local to global), using an ecosystem-based approach to agriculture (also integrating the contributions of aquaculture and fisheries), and the greening of urban landscapes.

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Marta Gomez-Chiarri
Phone: 401-874-2917