Sustainable Energy Education Programs

Energy Ed 4Costly, non-renewable fuel sources such as natural gas, fuel oil and gasoline supply the vast majority of Rhode Island energy services to municipalities, businesses and homeowners. By empowering individuals through education and access to science-based resources, widespread implementation of energy conservation behaviors and support and purchase of diverse and alternative sources of energy will follow.

We extend science-based, verifiable information on energy conservation measures, transportation habits and technologies, and energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies and planning to homeowners, business owners, state agencies, and municipal officials that seek to understand how they can make informed decisions at the individual and/or community level.

The URI Outreach Center hosts Extension educators with varied expertise in energy benchmarking, policy-making and adult education to mentor graduate and undergraduate and develop and implement energy education programs. Our educational programs provide attendees with the opportunity to expand their knowledge and access the latest resources to make informed decisions about energy use at work and at home.


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