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Rhode Island Convention Center Parking

The RI Convention/Dunkin Donuts Centers Parking Facility welcomes you with two well lighted, sheltered, and convenient parking garages. The North Garage is at the end of the West Exchange Street tunnel, and the South Garage is below the RI Convention Center main building. You may use either garage at any time of day, but not overnight.

  • You cannot enter the garage without your issued Plastic Pass, or a Ticket. When using your Issued PassDO NOT PUSH THE BLUE BUTTON to dispense a ticket at the entrance booth. Insert your Pass in the reader, arrow up, and remove it to raise the gate arm for entry or exit. Do not attempt to use a pass from a previous semester, it has been turned off, and you will be required to pay for parking.
  • If you DO NOT have your Pass, you must take a ticket when entering the Parking Facility. If you take a ticket, you must pay for your parking, (cash, credit/debit card or check), or get a Parking Validation Voucher -(Chaser)- before leaving the campus, usually available at Student Services office, or Campus Security office. If payment is required, it must be made at the booth in order to exit the garage. Any further questions or problems go to the North Garage Office after payment has been made.
  • Your Pass allows access to a space in one of the garages even when the garage is posted as “FULL” and closed to the public. Show your Pass to the attendant to gain entry.
  • Your Pass is issued for a fixed number of uses based on your class load – one use for every class and each final exam; one use is – one entry/exit cycle. The Pass is read on entry, -and an exit is required- before another entry is allowed. To accommodate library/study visits to campus on days when you have no scheduled classes, four complimentary uses are included. Your Pass will work any time of the day at the North or South Garages. Your uses will decrease by one use (each entry/exit cycle) until there are no uses left or when the Pass expires and is deactivated at the end of the semester.
  • If you do not have a class but are attending a school-related event, you may choose to pull a ticket when entering and pay for parking when exiting the garage. Remember, your uses will decrease by one use each time you use your Pass, so it is advised to use it only for classes and related purposes.
  • The RICC Garage Operating System is computerized, and the System will monitor your pass usage, and record the disposition of any problem activity (i.e. uses remaining, time registration, card status, damaged card error messages, etc.).
  • DO NOT expose your Pass to magnets (purses are notorious for magnetic clasps) or cell phones. DO NOT bend your Pass, and avoid scratching its magnetic stripe. Passes can be revoked for misusing/abusing the system.
  • If your Pass is lost or stolen, there is a $10.00 fee to replace your card (first and second incident). If there is a third (and last) loss occurrence, the replacement fee is $20.00. Additional cards will not be issued after a third loss. (NO EXCEPTIONS).

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