Required Courses:

BCH312 or BCH412 Biochemistry Laboratory (2)
BIO341 Cell Biology (3)
BCH352 General Genetics (3)
MIC333 Immunology and Serology (3)
BCH421 Physical Biochemistry (3)
BCH437 Fundamentals of Molecular Biology (3)
BCH482 Proteins and Enzymes (3)
BCH492 Independent Research in Biochemistry (3)
BCH Elective* (3)


BCH435 Introduction to the Biology and Genetics of Cancer (3)
MIC413 Advanced Microbiology I (3)
MIC414 Advanced Microbiology II (3)
MIC334 Virology (3)
MIC450 Practical Tools for Molecular Sequence Analysis (3)
PHY430 Modern Biological Physics (3)
BPS535 Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (3)
BCH522 Bioinformatics (3)
BIO445 Endocrinology (3)