Required Courses:

MIC333 Immunology and Serology (3)
MIC413 Advanced Microbiology I (3)
MIC414 Advanced Microbiology II (3)
MIC415 Advanced Microbiology Laboratory I (2)
MIC416 Advanced Microbiology Laboratory II (2)
MIC495 Microbiology Seminar (1)
MIC Electives* 12 cr


MIC190 Issues in Biotechnology (3)
MIC334 Virology (3)
MIC432 Pathogenic Bacteriology (3)
MIC435 Introduction to the Biology and Genetics of Cancer (3)
MIC450 Practical Tools for Molecular Sequence Analysis (3)
MIC483 Diagnostic Microbiology (3)
MIC491/492 Independent Research in Microbiology (3)
BIO327 Vertebrate Histology (3)
BIO341 Cell Biology (3)
BIO437 Fundamentals of Molecular Biology (3)
MIC576 Marine Microbiology (3)