Medical Laboratory Science (B.S.)

The Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science degree includes a one-year, accredited internship at several regional medical centers and prepares you to become a certified/licensed Medical Laboratory Scientist. This major also prepares you for careers in the medical laboratory, biomedical and public health industries. Eligible students apply for admission into the senior year clinical internship at the beginning of their junior year. Admission is competitive and is dependent on the number of applicants as well as the number of available internship placements. Click here for additional information.

Learning Outcomes for Medical Laboratory Science Majors

  1. Acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to pass the national Medical Laboratory Scientist certification exam and pursue a professional career as a Medical Laboratory Scientist
  2. Identify and use appropriate quantitative methods to analyze physical, biological, or chemical phenomena as they relate to Medical Laboratory Science
  3. Understand and use methods of inquiry appropriate to Medical Laboratory Science and to solve complex problems in Laboratory Medicine
  4. Develop skills to communicate clearly and effectively using a variety of methods, including Information Technology
  5. Understand and apply ethical principles to issues, problems, and professional practices. Develop a sense of responsibility to self, the patient, community, and society.
Licensure Disclosure
In accordance with the 2019 Reauthorization of the Higher Education Act, URI hereby discloses that the curriculum for the Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science program meets the educational requirements for licensure as a Medical Laboratory Scientist in all U.S. States with the exception of the State of New York.  The applicable licensing board in these states may impose additional requirements on candidates prior to granting a license (e.g., passing of an exam; obtaining a certificate; Performing additional clinical/practicum hours; etc.), and we encourage you to investigate those requirements with your licensing board.  URI has not determined whether the curriculum for this program meets the  educational requirements for licensure in any U.S. territories and we encourage you to investigate the requirements in NY or your territory prior to accepting an offer of admission at URI.
Current and prospective students are encouraged to contact Neil Greene ( for further information.