Parking during Commencement weekend is often different than it is during the school year. Routes are clearly marked but we recommend you review the information here to guarantee a hassle-free weekend. Also, during Commencement weekend on-campus transportation will be provided via RIPTA shuttles, wheelchair-accessible vans, Rhody Van shuttles and golf carts to shuttle guests to and from parking and Commencement sites.

Commencement Parking Map (TBD for 2018)

Commencement Shuttle Map (TBD for 2018)

Parking maps specifically designed for each individual college can be found on the college ceremony pages (TBD for 2018). These maps provide ceremony locations, suggested parking lots and transportation routes. We recommend that you choose your parking lot based on the location of your individual college ceremony. Rhody Van stops are near all of the recommended parking lots for each of the college ceremonies. Many of the regular routes that students, faculty and staff are familiar with will be altered or closed in order to manage the large volume of traffic.

Wear comfortable walking shoes, as parking lots and individual events may be located up to a mile apart. Many campus paths lead uphill; some are unpaved. Commencement Rhody Van shuttles operate every 8-to-15 minutes. For transportation from parking lots to ceremonies, walk to the nearest shuttle stop. There is no fare for use of the shuttles and they will run until all guests have returned to their vehicles.

College Ceremony Parking

(Details to come for 2018)

Disability Parking Spaces and Priority Parking

Disability parking spaces are located throughout the campus. These spaces are reserved for vehicles displaying a state-issued disability placard or license plate. Vehicles displaying a state-issued disability placard or plate will also be allowed to park in Priority Parking areas.

If you have a physical or medical condition, we invite you to make a priority parking permit request by May 9. Priority parking permits may be picked up in advance at the URI Visitors Center, 45 Upper College Rd. Call the URI Visitors Center at 401.874.2133, with any questions.

Disability and Priority parking areas include lots at Tucker House, East Alumni Avenue, Greenhouse Road, Boss Ice Arena, Keaney and the Ryan Center.

Transportation assistance is available via RIPTA shuttles, wheelchair accessible vans, Rhody Van shuttles and golf carts. Please see the Commencement Shuttle Map (TBD for 2018) for transportation routes.

Faculty and Staff Parking

Display your hangtag for access to Faculty/Staff parking areas during Commencement.

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