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FAQ – Auto Rental

Frequently Asked Questions for Renting Vehicles:

  1. If I need to rent a vehicle when I travel for URI business, what do I do?

A Rental Vehicle Justification Form found on the Controller’s website must be approved and attached to the TAR prior to travel. After the TAR is approved and you are making travel arrangements with State Travel Agent, indicate that a rental car will be needed.

  1. Does the University of Rhode Island have a contract with a car rental agency?

 When booking travel and requesting a rental car, the state travel agency will book the least cost rental agency for the area you are traveling in. The State has a corporate account with Enterprise and National Car Rental Agencies. See Controller’s Travel webpage for current rates.

  1. What type of vehicle are we allowed to rent?

 URI Travelers are allowed to rent either a Compact Car (CC) or an Intermediate Car (IC).  If a larger car is needed, this needs to be justified when you fill out the “Rental Vehicle Justification Form”.  Any upgrades without prior approval will be disallowed and reimbursement of the difference will be deducted off of the TEV.

  1. What insurances should I elect when renting from Enterprise and National (preferred Rental Agencies)?

Our agreements with Enterprise and National rental agencies include full CDW. The Damage Waiver covers the full value of the vehicle in the event of any physical damage to the vehicle. The rate also includes liability coverage up to $300,000 which pertains to third party claims.

  1. For domestic travel, what insurances should I elect when renting from non-preferred rental agencies (a car rental agency other than Enterprise and National Car Rentals)?

If renting from a non-preferred rental agency for domestic travel, you must obtain coverage through the University. The traveler must request a certificate of insurance.  The certificate can be requested online from the University Risk Management website.  All certificate requests must be made at least four (4) days prior to traveling.  Once requested, an insurance certificate will be emailed to the traveler and the traveler should print and bring the certificate to the rental agency.

  1. For international travel, what insurances should I purchase?

Whether you rent from Enterprise and National Car Rental agencies or another non-preferred agency, in all cases, you must purchase the CDW/LDW and liability insurance in the minimum amount offered by the rental agency. The University’s auto policy does not extend coverage to non-U.S. territories.

For more information on insurance coverage for rental vehicles, see the University Rental Vehicle Policy.

  1. What information should I have available when I book the rental vehicle with Enterprise and National Car Rental agencies?

When booking the rental, you must use the University Business Travel Account code. The account code is XZ49287.  By using this account code, you are ensuring you will be charged the contracted rate which includes the collision and liability coverage referenced in question # 4 above.

  1. Can URI Travelers use the URI Corporate Rates for the rental agencies while traveling on personal business?

No, the corporate rates are for business use only. If using the rental cars for personal use, the cost will be deducted from reimbursement on your TEV. Also, CDW is not covered while using the rental car for personal use. The insurance is only covered while using the rental car for URI business use.

  1. There are 2 of us traveling together, should we both be on the rental car?

If you both will be driving the rental car for business use, then yes both drivers need to be on the rental car form.  Enterprise\National do not charge for the additional driver.  Make sure your TEV has the other driver’s name listed. There is an additional cost to “young drivers” between ages 21-24.

Also, please note that insurance coverage provided by Enterprise and National or coverage purchased from non-preferred agencies only applies to University affiliates listed on the car rental agreement and does not cover unauthorized drivers such as spouses, children or friends of University faculty, staff or students.

  1. Should I attach a copy of the car rental receipt to my TEV even though it will be direct billed to the University?

A full itemized car rental receipt must be attached to your TEV so when the direct bill comes in we can match it to the receipt. Failure to provide a receipt may reduce your travel reimbursement. 

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