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FAQ – Invoice Vouchers

Most Frequently Asked Questions on How to Process Invoice Vouchers:

  1. How do I process my dues for a professional organization that I belong to?
    • An invoice voucher should be processed with all the information listed on the invoice voucher (name, address, chartfield, amount).  The original dues invoice along with a copy should be attached and sent to General Accounting for processing.  An authorized signer for the chartfield string must approve the invoice voucher.  Dues can be paid with the URI PCARD.
  2. How do I pay an honorarium for a guest speaker that lectured a class?
    • An invoice voucher should be processed with a letter or memo attached that lists the speaker’s name, amount, address, date of speaking engagement and topic of speaking engagement. Documentation of the event (i.e. web posting).  Please include a W-9 if vendor is not yet on PeopleSoft.
  3. Can I pay an honorarium for a speaker that lectured for the full semester?
    • No. An  invoice voucher cannot be used in this instance.  This is not a honorarium; this is payment for services. Contact the payroll office.
  4. How do I pay an independent consultant that provided the University with sign language interpreting services?
  5. We are having a seminar at the University of Rhode Island GSO Campus.  We need to have the lunch catered and URI Dining Services have indicated that they cannot provide the services.  What do I do?
    • This cannot be processed on an invoice voucher.  In this circumstance you would follow the purchasing policies and use an LVPO or college requisition.  Please make sure you are familiar with URI Food & Beverage Guidelines which is found on the Controller’s website.  Please indicate the business purpose (section A-36) and the list of attendees.
  6. What happens if I don’t follow URI Purchasing policies, how do I pay for an invoice?
    • If purchase is not in accordance with URI Purchasing Policies & Procedures, the department can appeal to the URI Controller for a determination based on the information provided if URI will pay vendor or if private funds or the individual will be responsible for payment to the vendor.
      • Examples of documentation to submit with the appeal:
        • Memo with a written justification explaining why URI should pay vendor along with explanation as to why the department did not follow URI Purchasing Policies & Procedures
        • Invoice
        • Contract/Agreement
        • If College Requisition (CR) or AOC was denied by Purchasing, attach a copy of correspondence from Purchasing why CR or AOC cannot be processed
        • If purchase is on a LVPO, attach copy or indicate PO number
  7. How do I process a large copy job printed for our department?
    • This cannot be processed on an invoice voucher. In this circumstance you would either request URI Printing Services to do the job and if they could not, you would follow the purchasing policies and use a LVPO or college requisition.
  8. How do I reimburse a staff member for making a purchase with their own funds?
    • No staff, faculty or students should be making purchases on URI’s behalf.  If a situation arises and supplies need to be purchased and then reimbursed, attach the original receipt to an invoice voucher along with a memo explaining the circumstances for the purchase and need for reimbursement. Sales tax will be deducted from the reimbursement (exception for restaurant, see Meals).  The documentation will be reviewed and a determination whether the employee will be  reimbursed.  Constant requests for reimbursements will lead to future denials.
  9. If I need to make an emergency purchase, do I complete an invoice voucher?
  10. How do I pay for a seminar I have to attend in Providence?
    • Attach the original and 1 copy of the application to an invoice voucher and submit to General Accounting for payment.  Please provide adequate time for payment.  All in-state conferences can be paid for on the PCard without a TAR.
  11. How do I pay for a seminar I have  to attend out of state?
    • The same as above but attach 2 copies of the application along with the invoice voucher and submit to General Accounting – Travel for payment.  A completed TAR should be on file. Conference fee can be paid on PCard with  reference the TAR.
  12. How do I pay Federal Express invoices?
    • This should be processed using a purchasing document or processed through URI Postal Services.  See the URI Purchasing website for more information.
  13. Are cell phone invoices processed on invoice vouchers?
    • Cell phone invoices are not considered a utility invoice and thus are subject to purchasing procedures and must be processed on a purchasing document.  Cell phone invoices will not be processed on invoice vouchers.
  14. If I have further questions on how to process invoice vouchers, who do I contact?
    • Invoice vouchers are documents used to pay non-procurement transactions.  You should contact Judy Moore, Accounting Manager for further information.

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