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Travel & Expense Module – Financials

The Controller’s Office has implemented the Travel and Expense Module in PeopleSoft Financials for the online preparation and approval of Travel Authorizations and Expense Reports. Employees may apply for a URI Employee Travel VISA credit card to pay for all travel related expenses, including airfare.  Spending limits on the URI Employee Travel VISA credit card are $2,000 per transaction and $5,000 per month.

Travel & Expense Module Training Classes

There will be Travel and Expense Module training classes held in the Surge Building, 210 Flagg Road, Computer Lab Room 202.

Please contact Ginny Byrnes to request training.

Forms & Information

Please contact Lisa Richard, Ginny Byrnes or Shaune Hogan with any questions

Steps Necessary for travelers using the Travel and Expense Module:

  1. Travelers must have access to Financials
  • If you do not have access to Financials, please complete the PeopleSoft Financial Security Access Request Form per the instructions on the form. If the only access needed is the Travel and Expense Module, please complete the User Information and check the T&E User Box only. Please obtain all required signatures and forward to
  • New Procedure for gaining access to Financials:For anyone new to Financials, student or employee, there is a new procedure for obtaining a User ID and password in Financials. The new user should login to e-Campus (either Faculty & Staff e-Campus or Student e-Campus) and from the main menu, go to the Change Password option. The user must change their password in e-Campus. This will create a User ID and password in Financials that will mirror the credentials in e-Campus. This change is campus wide and is not related to the Travel and Expense Module.
  1. New URI Employee Travel VISA Credit Card

URI State Employees may apply for a URI Employee Travel VISA credit card. The URI Employee Travel VISA credit card will be used for all travel expenses, including airfare. The link to the application is below. Each department will need to sign off on the individual traveler’s application and agreement form. Training must be completed in order to obtain a URI Employee Travel VISA credit card. Once the application is forwarded to the PCard Office at, the employee will receive an email with the training information.  Travelers are not required to obtain a new URI Employee Travel VISA credit card. However, travelers who do not have a URI Employee Travel VISA credit card will have to pay personally for all travel expenses, including airfare, and seek reimbursement after travel is completed.

URI Travel Card Application 03.30.17

Travel Card Agreement Initial 03.30.17

  • Training:

Prior to obtaining a URI Employee Travel VISA credit card, the traveler/employee must complete training. There are various options for completing training, including online via Sakai. The Sakai training includes a short, 10 question true/false quiz. Once your application is received in the Accounting Office, you will be notified to login to Sakai to complete the training. The Travel Summary, located under Training References, is very useful in completing the quiz on Sakai.

Other training options available include departmental training in a classroom setting, or hands-on computer training in the Surge Computer Lab. Please contact Ginny Byrnes or Shaune Hogan to schedule training if preferred. Training is not required if a traveler is not obtaining a URI Employee Travel VISA credit card, but it is strongly encouraged. Travelers can also review the Travel and Expense Module Reference Guide above for step by step instructions on using the module.

Departmental Information – Travel and Expense Module:

  • Student Travel: Delegate Required as reviewer/pre-approver: All student travelers, both graduate and undergraduate, are required to submit a PeopleSoft Financials Security Request for Access Form and include their professor’s name as their supervisor, and the name of a delegate from the department sponsoring the student travel. The student will be assigned a student travel role which will allow a student to create travel documents in Financials, save the document and submit the document. However, when the student submits the form, the student’s delegate will receive an email instructing them to review the form and make any necessary corrections.The delegate must go to the Travel and Expense Module via Employee Self Service and modify the travel authorization or expense report in order to review, make any necessary corrections to the form, and submit the form for the student into workflow. The document does not go to the delegate’s worklist. The student travel document will not be submitted for approval until the delegate submits the form on behalf of the student.
  • Supervisor Approval:The department should review the supervisors who approve employees’ timecards prior to implementing the travel and expense module.  This is needed because the Travel and Expense module uses this supervisor as the initial approver for all travel documents (Travel Authorization, Cash Advance and Expense Report). This supervisor will receive notifications via email to approve travel documents online in Financials.
  • Signature Authorization Review: The department should review Signature Authorizations for all chartfield strings in the department to ensure that signature authorization is up to date and that all travel boxes (Travel Expense Voucher/Expense Report and Travel Authorization Request) are checked where necessary. The workflow approval for Travel and Expense is based upon Signature Authorization.


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