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Vendor Information


The purpose of this procedure is to define the process for requesting a new vendor or changing an existing vendor that is in PeopleSoft.

A PeopleSoft vendor number is required for all procurements and payments in accordance with the URI Purchasing policy and for payments that meet the criteria of payments on an Invoice Voucher.

Steps for searching for an existing vendor:

Search for vendor by name and address in PeopleSoft: Vendors > Vendor Information > Review Vendor > Vendor Name

Changes to Existing Vendor Records:

The vendor is to complete the Vendor Change Request form to add/change contact information, address and email address.

If vendor needs to change vendor name, tax status or FEIN, the vendor needs to complete the URI vendor registration application and resubmit an URI substitute IRS W-9 or W8 (foreign vendor) form.

New Vendors:

All new Vendors, “inactive” Vendors in PeopleSoft or vendors with certain changes (listed above) must register with the URI vendor registration application and submit an W9 or W8 (foreign vendors).  If the vendor is a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), they must submit certification.  An Independent Contractor Checklist is required for all Individuals or Sole Proprietor requests Vendor requests are verified against the Excluded Party List System (Federal Debarment), IRS TIN verification, Secretary of State’s website and other reporting databases to ensure compliance with reporting requirements.  New vendor requests must be completed and approved prior to any purchases being committed to this vendor.

New Vendor Registration


Form   Name

Form   #


Vendor Authorization Form Link to URI’s vendor registration portal
URI substitute IRS W-9 IRS URI substitute IRS W-9 form to collect tax ID from vendor used to determine the correct tax reporting status for the vendor. Email:
W8 IRS IRS W-8 form to collect tax information from a foreign person or organization used to determine the correct tax reporting status for the vendor. Email:
Independent Contractor Authorization Form Internal data form required when the vendor indicates on the W9 that their tax status is an Individual or Sole Proprietor. The form is used to determine whether an employer/employee relationship exists for employment tax purposes and to ensure that the vendor is set up for the correct tax reporting.
ACH Enrollment Form URI’s Vendor ACH – Direct Deposit form for all payments.

Responsibilities for Vendor Request



  • Departments provide the link to the vendor registration portal to all new vendors.
  • Prospective vendors complete W9 or W8 IRS form and send to email or fax as provided on the vendor registration portal.
  • If Sole Proprietor or Individual status is indicated on the W9 the department completes the Independent Contractor Authorization Form. This form is to be completed by the University employee requesting a new vendor set up.
  • Completes the vendor registration and submits the W-9 or W-8 form.
Controller’s Office Vendor Maintenance
  • Sets up or update vendor in PeopleSoft.
  • Searches external databases for vendor reporting status.
  • Completes due diligence with the Federal Debarment list, Secretary of State’s business list, TIN Matching and other requirements as necessary.
  • Communicates the PeopleSoft Vendor number to department when completed.

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