• Radio Interview with Dr. Prochaska - Click Link to listen to a recent interview with Dr. Prochaska made with Keesha Ewers on the Healthy You! Radio show.   This week our guest is Dr. James O. Prochaska. He is Director of Cancer Prevention Research Center and Professor of Clinical and Health Psychology at the University of Rhode Island. To listen to the show […]
  • Pro-Change’s Founder is in the Top 10 of Eminent Clinical Psychologists - Pro-Change’s Founder is in the Top 10 of Eminent Clincal Psychologists October 15th, 2014 South Kingstown, RI James O. Prochaska, PhD, Pro-Change Behavior Systems, Inc.’s founder, has had impacts in the field that place him in the top 10 most eminent clinical photo-jimprochaska psychologists in the past 70 years. A list of 200 psychologists across […]
  • Dr. Wayne Velicer - Dr. Wayne F. Velicer received the 2013 Samuel J. Messick Award for Distinguished Scientific Contributions from the American Psychological Association.  This award is presented annually to honor an individual who has a long and distinguished history of scientific contributions within the areas of Division 5: assessment, evaluation, measurement, research methods, and /or statistics.