April Pariseault

  • Coordinator, CRC U.S. Domestic Programs
  • Phone: 401-874-6258
  • Email: apariseault@uri.edu
  • Office Location: URI Bay Campus
    220 South Ferry Rd.
    Marine Resources Building


April joined CRC as Coordinator, U.S. Domestic Programs, in November 2021. She comes to CRC with 30 years of fiscal grant management and was previously a Coordinator for the Astrobiology Institute and Geochemistry Programs at the Graduate School of Oceanography/URI. Her primary role is to assist Directors and Principal Investigators in overseeing and administrating fiscal and business functions for the U.S. Domestic Coastal Programs. She will work with the Center’s directors in strategic and financial planning, revenue projection, and fundraising. April’s responsibilities also include proposal and budget development, compiling financial data for reporting, procurement, travel, and personnel. April has a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development, Counseling, and Family Studies from the University of Rhode Island.