December Catch of the Month – Haddock

This fish meat has been brought to you directly from the neighboring bodies of water consisting of Mt. Hope Bay and Sakonnet Bay of local Rhode Island. This fish was caught this past weekend and loaded off the fishing vessel at Tony’s Wholesale Seafood’s dock. Directly after being loaded off the vessel, the fish was then filleted this Monday morning (12/4/2017) at the facility of Tony’s Wholesale Seafood; at this facility the whole fish product was then filleted, cleaned, and packaged to then be shipped to our Dining Services Warehouse that same day.

Once delivered to our warehouse it was stored on ice and in refrigeration until it was then brought to both Mainfare and Butterfield dining halls. It was then prepared this Monday morning (12/4/2017) to be served at both of our dining halls for dinner on Tuesday (12/5/2017). The meal will be prepared as an “Oven Broiled Piccata”, which will enhance the taste and freshness of the Haddock meat. The lemon, butter, and garlic should absorb into the meat and make it tender, juicy, fresh, and tasty!! This is our second meal sourced from Tony’s Wholesale Seafood during the short duration of our “Sea to Plate” sustainable initiative. Haddock is an abundant fish which makes it a common fish to eat in the New England area, but the freshness and sustainable mentally should sell the taste of this meat. However, it is still our goal to provide to the student body and faculty on campus a variety of local fish species to taste at these meals. For our upcoming dinners for spring semester we will strive to bring a variety of different species of locally sourced fish for everyone to try!! Please come down to Mainfare and Butterfield to try the “Oven Broiled Haddock Piccata”!!!

This fish meat is fresh from the sea and most importantly never frozen because of the short supply chain in which the fish was captured and then distributed on. This meal is a sustainable meal because its sourcing came locally from within the state of Rhode Island, and even more locally so because it was unloaded at a dock in Warren, Rhode Island. This is our second meal we have sourced from Tony’s Wholesale Seafood, and we are happy to have found another local fish supplier that can perform the tasks we request to be done prior to receiving the delivery here on campus. In the coming semester, we will strive to research and find at least one more ideal supplier for our sustainable initiative in our Rhode Island area to better spread the initiative and relations with various local fish sourcing businesses.

Our first meal sourced and filleted by Tony’s Wholesale Seafood was the Bluefish meal last week. Narragansett Bay Lobster Co. was the local business that supplied us with local fish meat for our dinners in September and October. Both of these local fishing businesses have great facilities and work-forces to conduct the operations that they do for the customers of the areas in Rhode Island and surrounding it. We are happy to have been able to utilize both businesses for these meals, and to spread our sustainable fish sourcing relationships in different parts of Rhode Island. As our network grows, we hope to increase the percentage of our locally sourced seafood as much as possible because seafood is one of Rhode Island’s best niches!

This fish is also in season and extremely abundant during this time of year which also makes it a sustainable meal because we are not compromising the ecosystem in which these fish live in and came from. Next semester we will be continuing to hold locally sourced fish meals every month in order to continue to shift into sourcing more local and fresh foods to be served to the faculty and student body here at URI. These meals will be fresh and deliciously prepared, so please come down and try out the fish meat that will be present at these monthly dinners. And remember EAT LOCAL URI!!