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CED Inclusion Project Courses Overview

1. Fundamentals of Diversity

DESCRIPTION: In this workshop, participants will engage in a facilitated discussion, exploring the multiple dimensions of diversity and the benefits to students, faculty and staff. Discussion will include defining diversity, its importance, and how to improve campus climate for all.

Duration: 1.5 hours

2. Awakening the Mind to Hidden Bias

DESCRIPTION: Scientists such as BF Skinner and Pavlov have long provided many renditions on how our unconscious thoughts control our behavior. Many of us are not aware of how our thoughts and assumptions, negative or positive, impact our daily decisions. No one is immune from bias, hidden or otherwise, but when they rear their ugly heads it allows well-meaning people to make catastrophic errors that adversely affect their organization and themselves. We will focus on discovering hidden bias, four levels of competence/awareness and how bias is developed.

Duration: 1.5 hours

3. Microaggressions in Everyday Life

DESCRIPTION: In this workshop, participants will engage in a facilitated discussion that explores the following core questions: What are microaggressions? What are the types of microaggressions? How do you recognize microaggressions when they occur? What are the causes and consequences of microaggressions? What tools are available to combat microaggressions?

Duration: 1.5 hours

4. Search Procedures

DESCRIPTION: By the end of the training, participants will learn how to conduct a diverse search; know what the responsibilities of the search chair and search committee members are; the significance of confidentiality, the URI process for approvals, the guidelines for legal interviews and the impact of hidden bias on a search.

Duration: 2 hours

5. Title IX and Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault, and Sexual Violence

DESCRIPTION: By the end of the training, participants will learn in a community of respect: What are our obligations and definitions under Title IX as they pertain to sexual harassment, sexual assault and sexual violence on Campus? What is the Dear Colleague Letter distributed by the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights? What are their responsibilities as employees? What are the important steps to take for those who have been sexually assaulted?

Duration: 2 hours

6. Exploring Intersectionality and Its Applications to Diversity Work and Research

DESCRIPTION: Intersectionality is a buzz word in the world of higher education. This session will explore intersectionality from theoretical, methodology, and application perspectives. Participants will learn about the history and growth of intersectionality as a concept and learn how to apply its tenets in and outside of the classroom in higher education.

Duration: 2 hours

7. The Safe Zone Project

DESCRIPTION: This workshop is designed to train faculty, staff, and students on basic issues affecting the LGBTQA+ community and how to be an ally.


  1. Increase awareness, knowledge, and support of LGBTQA+ people and issues;
  2. Build a visible support network of LGBTQA+ Allies on URI’s campus; and
  3. Improve the campus climate for LGBTQA+ people at URI.

Duration: 2 hours

8. Safe Zone Facilitator Training

DESCRIPTION: The Safe Zone Facilitator workshop is designed to train students, faculty, and staff on how to lead our Safe Zone Workshops and facilitate them to any group, whether on or off campus.


  1. To explore our own awareness, knowledge, and skills concerning LGBT student, faculty, and staff terms, issues, concerns, and culture.
  2. To address group facilitation approaches.
  3. To explain the foundations and philosophies of an ally-building program

Duration: 2 hours

9. Trans*Identities & Lives: An Advanced Safe Zone Track

DESCRIPTION: Trans* Identities & Lives is our first Advanced Safe Zone Track. Once you attend Safe Zone, you become eligible for our Advanced Tracks. Trans* Identities & Lives is a workshop that explores gender and trans* issues from a broad perspective. We learn about language, concepts, development, and more.


  1. To improve awareness, knowledge, and skills for trans* and gender related issues on the URI campus.
  2. To improve campus climate for trans*, gender non-conforming, and genderqueer people at URI.
  3. To provide a visible network of allies for the trans*, gender non-conforming, and genderqueer community at URI.

Duration: 2 hours

10. Race and Ethnicity: An Advanced Safe Zone Track

DESCRIPTION: Race and Ethnicity is our second Advanced Safe Zone Workshop. Once you attend Safe Zone, you become eligible to attend the Race and Ethnicity workshop. Race and Ethnicity is a workshop that focuses on exploring identity, social group membership, privilege, oppression, and intersections of race, ethnicity, sexuality, and gender.


  1. To understand the basic concepts surrounding identity, privilege, oppression, and intersectionality.
  2. To explore one own’s identity characteristics and how those impact interactions with others.
  3. To delineate the distinctions and interactions between race, ethnicity, sexuality, and gender.

Duration: 2 hours

11. Spirituality and Religion

DESCRIPTION: Spirituality and Religion is our third Advanced Safe Zone Workshop. Once you attend Safe Zone, you become eligible to attend the Spirituality and Religion workshop. Spirituality and Religion is a workshop that focuses on exploring identity, social group membership, privilege, oppression, and intersections of spirituality, religion, sexuality, and gender.

Duration: 2 hours

12. Fluid and Non-Binary Identities

DESCRIPTION: Fluid and Non-Binary Identities is our fourth Advanced Safe Zone Workshop. Once you attend Safe Zone, you become eligible to attend the Spirituality and Religion workshop. Fluid & Non-Binary Identities is a workshop that explores fluidity and non-binary perspectives through the lenses of history, biological sex, gender, and sexuality.

Duration: 2 hours

13. Judaism on One Foot: What a Culturally Competent Campus Community Should Know about the Culture and Customs of a Jewish Calendar

DESCRIPTION: How does the Jewish calendar differ from the secular calendar? What is Shabbat (the Sabbath) and how is it celebrated? What does it mean to keep kosher? What are the different denominations (types) of Judaism? These and other questions will be addressed in this basic primer.

Duration: 1-1.5 hours

14. Understanding the Whole Student: Details and Dialogue on Student Development

DESCRIPTION: Designed to offer a brief overview of the overarching models relevant to college student development, this informative and interactive session will serve as a useful resource for anyone focused on understanding and supporting student development for diverse student populations. Attendees will reflect upon their own development, diversity education efforts, and mentoring.

Duration: 2 hours

15. Without Consent Training

DESCRIPTION: The URi-STANDers have had unprecedented success working with athletic teams and coaches, fraternity members and area police, all groups that have traditionally, or perhaps stereotypically, been resistant to domestic violence and sexual assault messages. Using an interactive, non-antagonistic, and humorous approach we will demonstrate and discuss how community members can evoke positive responses and solicit bystander involvement from members of your community.


  1. To learn the definition of consent as well as the RI State Statutes on 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree sexual assault.
  2. To be able to recognize stereotypes regarding sexual assault – including the effects of victimization on survivors.
  3. To learn the prevalence of sexual assault on college campuses among victims from all genders, races and ethnicities.
  4. To be introduced to the prevention of sexual assault through bystander intervention methods as appropriate responses to victims in terms of resources, confidentiality, Title IX, Clery, and other mandatory reporter issues.

Duration: 1.5 hours

16. Recruiting and Retaining the Best at URI

DESCRIPTION: More and more colleges and universities are beginning to acknowledge that one of the hallmarks of a great university is a diverse community of scholars, staff, and students. As such institutions of higher learning across the nation continue to expend tremendous resources and efforts to diversify their faculty. Equally important to the goal of recruiting faculty of color are efforts to support and retain them once they arrive on campus. Stated differently, it is one thing to recruit faculty and another to keep them at the institution.

The purpose of this workshop is to share specific strategies that will assist in identifying and attracting prospective candidates of color, outlining successful recruitment methods, and discussing strategies that will retain faculty of color. 

Duration: 1-1.5 hours

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