Welcome to the e-Campus Home Page!

Using  Internet Explorer 11 with e-campus, possible issues are:

1) The page keeps loading and does not respond.

2) The Header of the Application goes away and users have to close and reopen the browser to login again.

3)  User security is not behaving properly.

Use IE in InPrivate mode. Just open login page, then do a CTRL+Shift+P or click the gear in the upper right, then Safety > InPrivate browsing, and a new window will open. Use that window to type login page URL in web address to open the page and login.

Check your official URI email address!
To ensure that you’re receiving all URI communications, you must use your official URI email address; see What’s My Official URI Email Address.

For news and to log in to Student, Faculty & Staff, HR, and Financial Administration pages, select the appropriate link from the side navigation menus.

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