What’s My Official URI Email Address?

If you are currently affiliated with the University, you can see your official email address by searching your name in the URI online Directory. If you are no longer affiliated, contact the Help Desk at 874-4357 for assistance.

Because email from all University systems is sent to this official email address only, you should be using it to conduct all University-related business.

Email address ending with @uri.edu
This address is assigned to you if you are faculty, staff, graduate assistant, or graduate research assistant. Once you have an @uri.edu address, it remains yours even if your affiliation with the University changes. This address can NOT be changed or forwarded.

Email address ending with @my.uri.edu
This address is assigned to you if you are a matriculating student at the University. It will remain yours after you leave the University. This address can be forwarded, but it can not be changed.

What About SAKAI?

SAKAI uses your official URI email account. You can view it by selecting Account from the left menu once you are logged in: