Construction Relocation Information

What you need to know.

The new engineering complex will open in 2019.

The URI College of Engineering is undergoing the greatest transformation of its history. A 145.5 million dollar construction project has begun that will provide the College with some of the best engineering facilities in the country.

Existing buildings, Crawford, Gilbreth, Kelley, Kelley Annex, and Wales Halls will all be demolished (beginning in Spring 2017) and a new, approximately 180,000 square foot engineering complex will be built on the site, to be completed in 2019.

During the demolition of the existing buildings and the construction of the new complex, classes and research activities will take place in “swing space” on the URI campus (in Pastore & Morrill Halls) and at the Schneider Electric Building in West Kingston.

Many EGR programs will be temporarily relocated to Pastore / Morrill Halls and to Schneider Electric in West Kingston.

Bliss Hall, including the Deans Office and CVE, will remain. CHE will move to Pastore / Morrill Halls. ISE and MCE move primarily to Pastore / Morrill. ECBE and Capstone move primarily to Schneider Electric in West Kingston.

Shuttle transportation is available from the URI Memorial Union to Schneider.

Relocated faculty and staff directory

Construction Timelines

  • September 16, 2016 to February 1, 2017
    Kirk Renovations
  • January 17, 2017 to June 2019
    New College of Engineering Building (Phase I)
  • Bliss Renovation / Addition, Schedule TBD (Phase II)

Frequently Asked Questions

ENTRY-SIGNAGE-at-SE-Canopy-19-Aug-20161-1024x577How do I get to Schneider Electric for my class?
Answer: Shuttle service is available M-F 8AM to 8PM. The RIPTA shuttle is free with URI ID. You may also drive, walk, or bicycle. Parking is available on site. Google Maps

How do I know where my class will meet?
E-campus has updated room information, including Schneider, Pastore, and Morrill classrooms and labs. Floor plan PDFs for Schneider Electric can be found here: Schneider Floor 1 Schneider Floor 2

How do I find a faculty member?
A directory of faculty offices is found below on this page.

Is parking available at Schneider?
Ample parking is available in front of and behind Schneider.

Is there a cafeteria for eating lunch at Schneider?
Yes, Schneider is sharing their lunch cafeteria. Ram cards or cash may be used for payment.

Who can I call for more information?
COE Student Affairs, +1 401.874.5985

Bus Shuttle Service

Eastbound (Schneider to URI Memorial Union)
(Download RIPTA PDF Schedule)

Bus Type Schneider Memorial Union
Small  8:02 AM  8:10 AM
Small  8:32 AM  8:40 AM
Small  9:02 AM  9:10 AM
Small  9:32 AM  9:40 AM
Small  10:02 AM  10:10 AM
Small  10:32 AM  10:40 AM
Small  11:02 AM  11:10 AM
Small  11:22 AM  11:30 AM
Small  11:44 AM  11:52 AM
Small 12:09 PM  12:17 PM
Small 12:42 PM  12:50 PM
Small 1:02 PM 1:10 PM
Small 1:22 PM 1:30 PM
Small 1:42 PM 1:50 PM
Small 2:02 PM 2:10 PM
Small 2:32 PM 2:40 PM
Small 3:02 PM 3:10 PM
Small 3:32 PM 3:40 PM
Small 4:02 PM 4:10 PM
Small 4:32 PM 4:40 PM
Small 5:02 PM 5:10 PM
Small 5:32 PM 5:40 PM
Small 6:02 PM 6:10 PM
Small 6:32 PM 6:40 PM
Small 7:02 PM 7:10 PM
Small 7:32 PM 7:40 PM


Westbound to Schneider (URI Memorial Union to Schneider)
(Download RIPTA PDF Schedule)

Bus Type Memorial Union
Small 8:10 AM  8:18 AM
Small 8:40 AM  8:48 AM
Small 9:10 AM  9:18 AM
Small 9:40 AM  9:48 AM
Small 10:10 AM 10:18 AM
Small 10:40 AM 10:48 AM
Small 11:10 AM 11:18 AM
Small 11:30 AM 11:38 AM
Small 12:00 PM 12:08 PM
Small 12:30 PM 12:38 PM
Small 12:50 PM 12:58 PM
Small 1:10 PM 1:18 PM
Small 1:30 PM 1:38 PM
Small 1:50 PM 1:58 PM
Large 2:00 PM 2:08 PM
Small 2:10 PM 2:18 PM
Small 2:40 PM 2:48 PM
Small 3:10 PM 3:18 PM
Small 3:40 PM 3:48 PM
Small 4:10 PM 4:18 PM
Small 4:40 PM 4:48 PM
Small 5:10 PM 5:18 PM
Small 5:40 PM 5:48 PM
Small 6:10 PM 6:18 PM
Small 6:40 PM 6:48 PM
Small 7:10 PM 7:18 PM
Small 7:40 PM 7:48 PM


MCISE Faculty & Staff Locations

P-Pastore   M-Morrill

C. Anagnostopoulos P-319
D. Chelidze P-117
P. Datseris M-212
M. Faghri P-319B
H. Ghonem P-350A
M. Jouaneh P-232
G. Macht P-333
D. Meyer M-119
B. Nassersharif P-251 and Schneider 110005
N. Rahmani P-201B
C. Rousseau P-228
A. Shukla Kirk 131C
M. Sodhi P-318
V. Speredelozzi P-301A
D. Taggart P-304C
C. Yuan P-217
J. Wang P-301B
H. Yuan P-331A
Z. Zhang M-103
Y. Zheng P-310
J. Byrnes P-106
R. D’Ambrosca P-106
D. Ferreira Kirk (unchanged)
J. Gomez Kirk (unchanged)
J. Cerullo (Department Office) P-230
N. Santucci (Department Office) P-230
MCISE faculty/instructor shared office P-231

CHE Faculty & Staff Locations

P-Pastore   M-Morrill

A. Bose  P-215B
G. Bothun  P-356
R. Brown  P-128
M. Greenfield P-312A
O. Gregory Kirk 213 (unchanged)
S. Kennedy P-215C
A. Lucia Kirk 224 (unchanged)
S. Meenach P-215A
M. Rivero-Hudec M-224, M-228
D. Roxbury P-258
E. Crisman P-257
J. Compton P-215D
V. Caramadre Pastore Annex
R. D’Ambrosca P-106
M. Edwards (Department Office) P-129
B. Moyer  (Department Office) P-129
CHE faculty/instructor shared office P-257

ECBE Faculty & Staff Locations

P-Pastore   M-Morrill

W. Besio Schneider 208080
G.F. Boudreaux-Bartels Schneider 109010
J. Cai Schneider 109015
G. Fischer P-126
H. He M-318
S. Kay Schneider 109020
S. Kennedy P-217
R. Kumaresan Schneider 109003
B. Li Schneider 208011
J. Lo Schneider 208022
K. Mankodiya Schneider 208083
S. Mardix Schneider 109007
W. Ohley Schneider 109005
R. Sendag Schneider 208014
Y. Shahriari Schneider 208090
Yan Sun Schneider 208002
Ying Sun Schneider 208030
H. Sunak Schneider 109019
P. Swaszek Schneider 109009
T. Toolan Schneider 208023
A. Uht Schneider 208004
R. Vaccaro Schneider 109012
F. Vetter Schneider 109006
T. Wang Schneider 208082
T. Wei Schneider 109014
Q. Yang Schneider 208025
M. Leach-Sanders (Department Office) P-127
L. Pratt (Department Office) P-127
K. Richmond (ECBE Academic Advisor) M-217
J. Vincent P-334C
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