University College Advisors for Engineering Students

Appointments with your University College for Academic Success (UCAS) advisor are scheduled through Starfish. Advising meetings should be made prior to your registration date. You will need to meet with your advisor every semester to have your Advisor Hold lifted so that you may register for the next semester’s classes. All engineering students have an Advisor Hold  every semester until they graduate, and students cannot register for classes until the hold is lifted by an engineering advisor. All appointments with UCAS advisors take place in Roosevelt Hall.

All Undergraduate Engineering Majors (BME, CHE, CPE, CVE, ELE, ISE, MCE, OCE and EGR Undeclared) and International Engineering Program (IEP) prior to admission to the COE:

Wanting Engineering (WEGR) and International Engineering Program (IEP) prior to being declared as an Engineering major in UCAS:

International Engineering Program (IEP) 

IEP students have two advisors, one for their B.S. in an engineering discipline and one for their B.A. in a language. The following are the IEP language advisors/directors:

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