Transfer Credit Coding

Whenever possible, transfer credits are given an equivalent URI course code and number. When there is no direct URI equivalent, they are coded as follows:

General Electives

Courses not associated with a particular URI course are coded as general elective credits as indicated below and may be used toward fulfilling total graduation requirements:

XXX 1XX – General Elective Credit:  Lower Division

XXX 2XX – General Elective Credit:  Lower Division

XXX 3XX – General Elective Credit:  Upper Division

Departmental Electives

If a course corresponds generally to a URI Department but is not a direct equivalent of a particular course, it is coded as a department elective and may be used toward fulfilling a major or minor in that department subject to departmental approval, but may not be used toward fulfilling general education requirements.


ART 1XX Lower Division Art course
CVE 3XX Upper Division Civil Engineering course
ENG 2XX Lower Division Fine Arts and Literature course
GEO 1XX Lower Division Geosciences course
SPA 3XX Upper Division Spanish course

General Education Courses

For students who transferred in Spring 2016 or earlier, the following course codes may be reflected on a students transcript that can be used toward fulfilling a General Education requirement as follows:     

If the last digit is (followed by an example) General Education Requirement
C or ECw (WRT 1XC) English Communication
 A (ENG 1XA) Fine Arts and Literature
F or FC (XXX 1XF) Foreign Language/Cross-CulturalCompetence
L (HIS 2XL) Letters
S (PSY 3XS) Social Sciences


For students who transferred in Fall 2016 or later, the last two digits of the course number may correspond to and satisfy a general education outcome (ex: GNED 1A3, GNED 1B1, GNED 1C2).

Consideration in this matter will be given to courses that are not confirmed as specific URI course equivalents, but otherwise appear to meet the spirit of an “outcome”. The goal is to allow transfer students in particular to start at URI with as many degree applicable credits as possible from their prior institution(s).


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