Centennial, University Scholarship, and Transfer Merit Scholarship Guidelines

All students who receive a Centennial, University Scholarship, or Transfer Merit Award are subject to the following guidelines:

GPA Requirements: 2.8 for Centennial, Transfer Merit Award, Transfer Achievement Award, Phi Theta Kappa Transfer Scholarship; and University Scholarship

  • Grade point average (GPA) is checked at the end of each academic year in May once final grades are posted.
  • Students must earn the required cumulative GPA for continuance of their scholarship. The scholarship will be lost if the cumulative GPA drops below the requirement, but can be reinstated and maintained if the semester GPA remains at the required level thereafter.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to contact Enrollment Services to request reinstatement for GPA issues.

Continuous Full Time Enrollment

  • Scholarship recipients MUST pursue continuous full time enrollment as defined by 12 credits per semester. Fewer than 12 credits will result in permanent loss of the scholarship; it cannot be reinstated.
  • Credit requirements are based on enrolled credits, not billed credits.
  • The student will lose their scholarship if they do not complete their full time coursework (i.e. receive Incomplete or NW grades). If their grade is subsequently changed or completed, they can contact Enrollment Services to request scholarship reinstatement.
  • Students who take a Leave of Absence are considered to be breaking full time continuous enrollment.
  • Students who are registered for Off Campus Study as part of a URI approved program must pursue a minimum of 12 approved credits each semester to continue their scholarship. The amount of the scholarship may be prorated based on tuition paid at the host institution. (The exception to this rule is the IEP internship semester where the student does not receive their scholarship).


  • If a student’s residency status is changed from Out of State to In State or Regional, the Scholarship award will be REDUCED accordingly due to the decrease in tuition rates. The Scholarship will be increased if the tuition is changed from In State or Regional to Out of State.
  • Note:   As of Fall 2016, incoming freshmen majoring in Supply Chain Management are subject to mid-career residency changes as described in the University Catalog. Upperclass students who entered prior to the Fall of 2016, and majoring in Supply Chain Management, Pharmacy, TM or TMD, may also be subject to mid-career residency changes. Please see your academic advisor for details.

Semesters of Eligibility

The scholarship is offered for 8 semesters of continuous full time enrollment.

  • If a student extends their study beyond the original total semester award, the Scholarship will not be extended.
  • Semesters lost due to a GPA  below the requirement and/or unapproved off campus study are charged to the total semesters of eligibility.

URI Faculty/Staff Waiver

Students eligible for this waiver will not receive the Centennial, University Scholarship, or Transfer Merit awards.. The waiver will replace the scholarship.

University of Connecticut/ University of Maine Tuition Exchange Agreement

If your parent or legal guardian is a full-time employee of the University of Connecticut or the University of Maine, you may be eligible for in-state tuition at URI through our tuition exchange agreement.  If this is the case, and you have received a merit scholarship from URI, your scholarship award will be adjusted to the corresponding in-state scholarship amount.

Appeal Process

A Centennial/University/Transfer Merit Award Scholarship Appeal Committee meets at the end of each semester to consider appeals for the reinstatement of lost scholarships. Students are invited to submit appeals upon the loss of their scholarship and should submit supportive documentation (i.e. letters from physicians, etc.) to support their appeals. Decisions from the committee are FINAL.

Appeals should be sent to: 
Centennial/University/Transfer Merit Award Scholarship Appeal Committee 
Enrollment Services 
Green Hall 
6 Rhody Ram Way 
Kingston, RI 02881

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