Rhody Share: Share Info With Parent/Guardian

Generally speaking, federal law called FERPA (Federal Education Rights Privacy Act) prevents the University from discussing student information with others, including parents and guardians. This applies even to students under the age of 18.

Students may grant others access to their information. We strongly recommend that students grant access through e-Campus rather than using the paper form.

Real-Time Access Through e-Campus

As a student, you may assign guest access to e-Campus to view your billing, academic records, and/or financial aid information. A guest can be your parent, guardian, grandparent, sibling, employer, or other third party payer.

To grant access, log in to e-Campus then go to Main Menu -> URI Student Services -> Rhody Share: Share Your Info.

  1. Next to URI ID enter the desired username of your guest. The username will be “URI_NameYouEnter”
  2. Enter a password for your guest and confirm the password.
  3. Enter the email address of your guest.
  4. Decide what information to share by selecting Y or N for Student Financials (Billing), Student Records, and/or Financial Aid.
  5. Click Save.
  6. You must provide your guest the username and password and wait one business day for the system to update. Guests may then log in to e-Campus using the username and password you created.

Note: You can add as many guests as you want by clicking the plus sign. You also may delete guests by clicking the minus sign.

Consent to Release Student Educational Records Paper Form

For students and guests without computer access, the University has a paper Consent to Release Student Educational Records form. The authorization remains in effect until you cancel the authorization by written request. It will not grant real-time access to e-Campus.

Managing eCampus FERPA Restrictions

Directory information is information contained in a student education record that would generally not be considered harmful or an invasion of privacy if disclosed. While institutions may designate and release specified items, students have the right to and may block any or all of this information. Note that students with a FERPA block will generally not appear on publicly released Dean’s Lists or in Commencement Programs.

To manage your FERPA restrictions, log into e-Campus and go to Main Menu -> Self Service -> Personal Information -> FERPA Restrictions.

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