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Professor Jason R. Dwyer

URI’s motto “Think Big, We Do” fully aligns with Professor Jason Dwyer’s view of the world. The tools that he uses to address globally challenging problems, though, are extraordinarily small:  Professor Dwyer’s expertise is in nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology can be defined as encompassing materials and phenomena where at least one dimension is sized between 1 and 100 nanometers.  Nanotechnology has made today’s modern electronic devices such as cellphones possible, and has tremendous potential for the early diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Professor Dwyer’s research in the Chemistry Department is focused on developing new nanotechnological tools and processes to deliver such advanced capabilities.

Nanotechnology is a powerful—and exciting—undertaking because it crosses disciplines and draws on chemistry, physics, biology and engineering. Professor Dwyer has had student researchers with multiple majors in these subjects, but he is quick to point out that it is the ability to think creatively, to collaborate with others and to work hard that is key.

The success of this inventive spirit and drive has been demonstrated with numerous student awards.  Click here for more stories on student awards!

Professor Dwyer is especially pleased that the Undergraduate Research Initiative grants have allowed his students tremendous freedom to explore their own ideas.

Students in Professor Dwyer’s nanotechnology research group apply their academic training in an environment full of opportunity to discover new phenomena and to apply their knowledge base to create and apply the biomedical technology needed to make global impacts in pharmaceutical testing and clinical diagnostics, amongst a host of pressing global challenges.




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