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URI’s Graduate School of Oceanography is one of the world’s premier academic institutions of oceanography and ocean exploration. GSO’s research, education, and outreach activities advance our knowledge of the world’s ocean.

Corporate Affiliates Program

Be a Part of the Innovation Happening at GSO

GSO Corporate AffiliatesOcean science is undergoing a period of rapid evolution and offers a key advantage for the United States in expanding our nation’s maritime domain awareness, defending our national security and economic interests, adapting our coastal communities to sea level rise and more extreme weather events, and devising ocean and coastal management plans that support preservation of fisheries, waterway usage, and beach access. Global changes, from the abundance and diversity of marine life to increasing intensity of weather events, are becoming more apparent.

At the same time, our ability to measure and explore the ocean is also rapidly developing. Opportunities are increasing as a result of state-of-the-art science being employed to support new observational platforms; improved remote sensing; innovative sensors; novel ways of using ships; expansion of underwater cable use; and development of acoustic, optical and other techniques to collect information/data. The ability to interpret these findings and distribute actionable information to end-users and decision makers is subsequently changing to keep pace through advances in data handling, communications, modeling and simulation, and numerous analytical techniques.

GSO is front and center in these advances and in the development and expansion of the value of ocean science to the broad spectrum of end-users. As a leading institute of ocean education and research, our interests span the core disciplines of marine geology and geophysics, biology, atmospheric and ocean chemistry, and physics in oceanography.

Membership Levels

Membership in the GSO Corporate Affiliates Program is based on total annual giving from your company.

General Membership: $5,000 annual gift to the Fund for URI:GSO.
Premier Membership: $10,000 annual gift to the Fund for URI:GSO.

Benefits Available to all Members

URI Foundation Officer: A URI Foundation Officer is assigned to help your company make the most of your membership in the GSO Corporate Affiliates Program.

Access to Campus Recruiting: Each year, capable and experienced students and graduates from GSO pursue internship and permanent employment opportunities in their chosen fields. Affiliates will receive information about campus recruiting events to access these individuals for their workforce and may also make scheduled recruiting visits to GSO.

Special Events: Invitations to the Affiliates’ Forum, a campus meeting showcasing groundbreaking research and technical developments.

Communications, Events and Recognition:

  • Corporate recognition through print, web and media communications that extend to our global community
  • Invitations to additional special events hosted by the Dean’s Office
  • Receipt of GSO publications and reports

Additional Premier Membership Benefits

Access to GSO Faculty, Researchers and Students: Premier Affiliates may access and meet privately with GSO faculty and researchers to discuss current research, technology, trends and opportunities for collaboration as facilitated by the Dean’s Office.

Faculty Visits to Company: GSO faculty, researchers and experienced students may make scheduled visits to affiliate locations for meetings and presentations to discuss topics in line with common interests.

Facility Usage: Affiliates are offered the opportunity to hold retreats, focus groups, meetings, and special events on the GSO campus (based on room availability and subject to terms and conditions).

Contact Us

Thomas Miller
Director of Administration
Office of the Dean
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Katharine Hazard Flynn
URI Corporate & Foundation Relations
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gso-trident-society All Corporate Affiliates will be recognized in an issue of Aboard GSO and GSO’s annual report, as well as membership in the Trident Society, named after GSO’s first oceanographic research vessel.

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