The GSO Research and Outreach Footprint

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GSO’s research projects and outreach activities, evident at home in Narragansett Bay and Rhode Island’s coastal waters, from the Arctic to the Antarctic, and from the upper atmosphere to Earth’s core, span the globe with dozens of international collaborations. In the course of their endeavors, GSO scientists and outreach professionals also advance use of innovative instrumentation and technologies and carry out projects addressing natural hazards and human impacts. Common scientific and educational goals fundamentally rest on improving scientific understanding of the complex processes shaping oceans and coasts. Follow the links below to learn more about the research.


At Home in Narragansett Bay and New England’s Coastal Waters

Long-Term Surveys
Science for Coastal Management
Fisheries and Population Dynamics
Monitoring and Water Quality
From Data Collection to Modeling


From the Upper Atmosphere to Earth’s Core

Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions
Inside Earth
Deep Microbes


Addressing Natural Hazards and Human Impacts

Hurricanes and Tsunamis
Climate Change


From the Arctic to the Antarctic

Food Web Dynamics
Microbial and Planktonic Diversity
Ocean Currents
Ocean Chemistry


Advancing Innovative Instrumentation and Technologies

Instrument Development
Oceanographic Assays and Techniques
Remote Sensing
Telepresence and ROVs/AUVs
Collaborative Facilities and Instrumentation (external)


Outreach and Educational Programming

Training Programs and Resources
Public Programming and Lectures
GSO at Conferences and Meetings

Lab samples. Photo by Alex DeCiccio.

Research Laboratories

Air-Sea Interaction
Chris Roman Lab
Dynamics of Ocean Currents and Fronts
D’Hondt Lab (Geobiology)
Katherine Kelley Lab
Lohmann Lab (Persistent Organic Pollutants)
Marine Ecosystems Research Laboratory
Menden-Deuer Lab (Plankton Ecology)
Numerical Modeling Lab
Robinson Lab (Nitrogen and Carbon Cycles)
Rynearson Lab (Plankton Ecology and Evolution)
Seismology Lab
Small-Scale Mixing Processes
Smith Lab

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